Former Blizzard leads form a new studio Magic Soup Games

Fully remote start-up focused on original AAA games Jen Oneal appointed CEO.
Jen Oneal, J. Allen Brack, and John Donham photographed together

Blizzard veterans Jen Oneal, J. Allen Brack, and John Donham announced that they’ve teamed up to form a new game studio, Magic Soup Games. Magic Soup Games, a fully-remote game studio, is dedicated to creating AAA games that are genuinely uplifting and inclusive for players around the world.

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Magic Soup CEO and Co-Founder Jen Oneal said “J., John, and I have similar ideas about the types of games we want to make, and we’re tightly aligned on company goals and principles, so this was a natural fit for us,” and continued “We know the quality of our games will be a reflection of our team culture. We’re doing the work up front to make sure we’re fostering creativity, fully remote collaboration, and a diversity of backgrounds.”

Magic Soup Co-Founder and former President of Blizzard Entertainment J. Allen Brack said “Jen has great experience as a team builder, culture driver, and game maker. John and I are thrilled that she’s helming the company.”

Magic Soup is currently at work on an unannounced game and is in the process of filling out an experienced startup team.

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