Founder Stories: The developer with more than a hundred million downloads

Located in one of the smaller cities in Türkiye, Rooster Games surpasses one hundred million downloads.

Hüseyin Aydın, Founder of Rooster Games, is the guest in this interview. Rooster Games is located in Denizli, one of the relatively smaller and calmer cities in Türkiye. Batuhan Avucan asks how they have managed to be so successful in the game industry. Aydın starts the conversation by telling how he was introduced to the software industry after graduating from the university in 2008.

Then he mentions his first investment: buying a website for flash-based browser games. Then he thinks about developing their flash-based games instead of publishing games made by third parties on their website. This led him to learn game development software which he defines as a stepping stone in his career.

Later, with the advancement of smart mobile devices, he notices an increase in movement in the mobile game industry. Being previously familiar with game development software Hüseyin Aydın teaches himself Unity. He comments that his ability to self-teach software is due to his curiosity about the games’ technical details.

Avucan asks Aydın what their motivation was for choosing hyper-casual of mobile game categories. Aydın explains that their motivation was not very specific. When mobile games were emerging and developing, these categorizations were not set in stone, and they started by imitating successful examples. Then they embraced applying the characteristics of hyper-casual games by imitating successful games. He notes that these categorizations came after the industry had advanced and matured enough. Batuhan Avucan’s interview with Hüseyin Aydın, the Founder of Rooster Games, lasts around 32 minutes and is in Turkish.

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