Full Cycle Game Academy Launches Unreal Engine Courses for Game Developers

Full Cycle Game Academy offers specialized game development education with experienced specialists and comprehensive Unreal Engine training, preparing students for a successful career in the industry.
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Full Cycle Game Academy, a game development education program specializing in Unreal Engine, is launching this fall to offer students the opportunity to learn from experienced specialists. The academy aims to equip students with all the knowledge, experience, and tools they need to secure a spot in the game industry by emulating a real-life game development company’s work with widely-used tools, experiences, and processes.

The curriculum covers various topics, from game development basics to in-depth development with Unreal Engine. Students will learn to navigate the Unreal Editor, create game assets, and build levels. The course also covers advanced topics such as multiplayer game development, artificial intelligence, and optimizing game performance. Students will work on multiple game projects in teams, developing teamwork, organization, and communication skills.

The academy is opening five curriculums in Autumn 2023, with 150 available spots. It is possible to apply for multiple courses simultaneously. The admissions are open until May 31st, 2023, at 23:59.

The academy offers five courses: Game Development, Game Design, Game Art, Sound & Audio, and Project Management. Courses are in English and have a duration of nine months. 

Unreal Engine specialists are in high demand in the game industry, and Full Cycle Game Academy allows students to become specialists. Details and further information can be obtained from the Full Cycle Game Academy website.

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