Atlas generative AI platform secures $6 million funding

Atlas, a 3D generative AI platform facilitating the swift creation of virtual worlds and experiences, emerges from two years in stealth mode with $6 million in funding.
an image of a futuristic city from atlas AI website.

Based on over 50 years of combined knowledge in AI, gaming, and design from its in-house team, Atlas aims to create a collaborative design partner tech stack. The proprietary software augments intuition and streames workflows for designers and creators.

The newly acquired funds will drive the expansion of Atlas’ developer solutions, enabling partners to accelerate asset development by up to two hundredfold while halving production times. Additionally, Atlas plans to develop a self-service 3D AI creator platform.

The funding rounds, a $4.5 million investment led by 6th Man Ventures (6MV) and a $1.5 million round led by Collab+Currency, include contributions from a16z Scouting Fund via Shrapnel, Contango, Gaingels, GFR Fund, New Renaissance Ventures, Square Enix, and Wagmi Ventures.

Ben James, CEO of Atlas, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with innovative leaders sharing their content creation vision. James stated that Atlas will continue to develop 3D AI using a unique, creator-first systemic approach to help more builders create the next evolution of gaming and virtual experiences.”

Mike Dudas, Founder and General Partner at 6MV, highlighted Atlas as a frontrunner in AI-supported development, revolutionizing virtual world creation. Current partners include AAA studios, next-gen gaming, and immersive design entities like Consortium9, Shrapnel, and Square Enix.

Hideaki Uehara, General Manager of Investment & Business Development Department at Square Enix Holdings, expressed excitement about Atlas’ technology potentially unlocking efficiencies in their business amid rising game development costs.

Brooks Brown, Founder and CEO, Consortium9 asserted that Atlas is the first to accomplish streamlined game development, with partners generating entire virtual worlds, creative assets, and designs consistent with existing IP using custom-built 3D generative AI engines. The technology complies with the Ethical Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. While currently available for enterprise and commercial use, alpha testing for a public platform is scheduled in the coming months.

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