Cool Cats announced three games to be released in late 2023

All three games are currently in development and slated for release between 2023-2024.

Cool Cats Group, the US-based Web3 company and global character brand behind the iconic blue-chip NFT collection Cool Cats has tapped three established gaming publishers: nWay and iCandy—both a part of the Animoca Brands ecosystem—and Sync Studios, to develop new games using the acclaimed Cool Cats brand and characters. All three games are currently in development and slated for release between 2023-2024.

Today’s announcements further the expansion of the Cool Cats profile as a mainstream brand through storytelling and partnerships surrounding its beloved Blue Cat character. Last year, the company also announced a strategic investment from Web3 giant Animoca Brands, as well as a strategic partnership with leading metaverse infrastructure and content company Futureverse.

“Gaming is an immersive content distribution platform that builds an emotional connection with the characters and story through engaging gameplay. Our new games are critical to our ongoing mission of developing Cool Cats into a globally known character brand and a robust storytelling and content company,” said Stephen Teglas, CEO of Cool Cats. “With nWay, iCandy, and Sync Studios, we are partnering with three innovative leaders to provide immersive gaming entertainment to engage our current fans and introduce our brand to the broader global audience.”

The Cool Cats collaboration with nWay will begin with a competitive multiplayer arcade game. A San Francisco-based subsidiary of Animoca Brands, nWay is a developer and publisher of competitive multiplayer games across mobile, consoles, and PC. A strong track record in high-quality, fast-action multiplayer games, nWay has developed and published POWER RANGERS: Battle for the Grid, the popular tag-team fighting game with crossplay functionality on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC; POWER RANGERS: Legacy Wars, the award-winning mobile fighting game on iOS and Android with over 80 million downloads; and ChronoBlade, nWay’s original mobile action role-playing game.

The iCandy Interactive Limited (ASX:ICI) game will be an endless runner game in 2D format, available in-browser and released in September 2023. iCandy is an award-winning video game company with over 370 million gamers worldwide as one of the largest developers in Australia and Southeast Asia. Animoca Brands is a major investor in iCandy and recently enabled iCandy’s acquisition of Southeast Asia-based game art and animation company Lemon Sky, positioning them as top developers in AAA games. To date, Lemon Sky has an extensive portfolio that includes titles such as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the Last of Us Part 2, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy XIV.

In partnership with Sync Studios, Cool Cats will be releasing a match3 game format on mobile. Sync Studios are a mobile game studio with an experienced team that has published hit games with the likes of Voodoo and Lion Studios. They have also developed IP games and projects for the likes of Hasbro, Paramount Studios, and Warner Brothers. Sync Studios are partnered with PlayEmber, a web3 mobile gaming publisher backed by Shima Capital, and Big Brain Holdings and have a joint venture with BoomBit.

The titles, trailers, and release dates for Cool Cats’ three new games will be announced individually in the near future.

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