Opera’s gamer-focused GX browser surpasses 20 million MAUs

The company stated that the browser has solidified its role as a launchpad for Opera’s broader gaming expansion.
Opera GX is a browser for gamers available on Win, Mac, Android and iOS

Opera has announced that its gaming browser, Opera GX, has crossed the 20 million MAU milestone. The Norway-based tech firm noted that this new achievement has confirmed Opera GX’s growing popularity among gamers.

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Launched in 2019, Opera GX boasts of being the world’s first gaming browser. The platform is available on Win, Mac, Android, and iOS and carries features like RGB integration, built-in RAM, and CPU limiters, along with integrated Twitch and Discord platforms.

Lin Song, Opera’s Co-CEO, made comments on the success of Opera GX:

“Our focus on gaming – and specifically the Opera GX browser – is a key component in the continued strong growth and profitability of Opera. Our decision to pair our existing 320-plus million user base with products tailored to benefit specific segments has allowed us to successfully scale in high-ARPU markets and among attractive user groups.”

Krystian Kolondra, EVP of Browsers and Gaming at Opera, added:

“We are thrilled to have passed the 20 million MAU milestone and to have built an ecosystem loved by such a strong and dedicated community of gamers, with the vast majority being Gen Z’ers. Our current user base is as robust and engaged as when we started. The size of the opportunity is still massive: we are very excited about reaching more gamers in even more regions in the years to come – we’re only getting started.”

The company wishes to expand further into the game industry and noted that Opera GX’s success is a launchpad for Opera to grow in the gaming space. Along with Opera GX, the company features self-developed GameMaker, which lets users make indie games for free. Games can then be seamlessly published to gx.games, which has a growing audience of 20 million GX users.

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