PlayZap partners with Enjin

NFT Gaming Platform PlayZap will integrate Enjin’s Efinity Parachain into its platform
Efinity is a Polkadot parachain built specifically for NFTs and cross-chain implementation.

PlayZap, a community-driven play-to-earn gaming platform, has joined the Enjin ecosystem. The project will adopt Enjin’s recently launched Efinity parachain for the PlayZap metaverse, an ecosystem where players can compete in skill-based games to earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and $playzap.

PlayZap Founder and CEO Abhishek Buchvani gave the following words in his speech;

“Our vision is to bring skill-based competitive gaming to mainstream players by offering a secure environment, digital ownership, and a fun gaming experience. We are thrilled to join the Enjin ecosystem and use Efinity to develop a scalable NFT marketplace and offer a secure, seamless NFT experience to our players.”

Developed by NFT industry pioneer Enjin, Efinity is a Polkadot parachain purpose-built for NFTs and cross-chain application. The entire PlayZap ecosystem will benefit from Enjin’s NFT product stack and Efinity’s scalable, eco-friendly, flexible infrastructure for NFTs.

The PlayZap cross-platform app will initially launch in Q3 2022 on Polygon, followed by multi-chain integration with Efinity and additional networks later this year.

By adopting Efinity, PlayZap works toward its goal of bringing high-quality GameFi experiences to market, and creating a product able to scale to the mainstream gaming market.

With new technology like Efinity in a market thriving with possibilities, PlayZap is ready to take over the gamified DeFi ecosystem by storm, and usher in a new chapter for blockchain gaming.

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