AR horror game Scrylight blurs the line between nightmares and reality

Prepare to be immersed in a chilling world where nightmares blend with reality. Spectropia Studios presents Scrylight, an augmented reality horror game that ventures into uncharted territory, merging spectral entities with smart devices. Dive into this spine-tingling experience as we explore its eerie features and ambitions.
AR horror game Scrylight blurs the line between nightmares and reality

Spectropia Studios, the developer behind the forthcoming augmented reality (AR) horror game Scrylight, aims to provide players with a spine-tingling and immersive ghost-hunting adventure that blurs the lines between the real world and the supernatural.

Described as a “fully immersive, 360-degree ghost hunting experience,” Scrylight uses Niantic’s AR technology to create a gaming environment where ghosts interact with real-world devices, such as smart lights and doorbells.

One of the standout features of Scrylight is the ability of ghosts to haunt players in real-world scenarios, activating physical devices, which adds to the game’s eerie and unsettling atmosphere.

Scrylight features: 

  • 360-degree interaction: Players can engage with ghosts through their smart devices, cameras, and microphones, resulting in realistic interactions with spectral entities.
  • Procedural entities: The game offers infinite procedural entities, ensuring that each ghostly encounter remains unique and unpredictable.
  • Machine learning agents: Integrated machine learning agents enhance the gaming experience by responding dynamically to player actions.
  • Computer vision: Scrylight utilizes computer vision technology to enable real-time interactions with the player’s physical environment.
  • Smart device integration: The game seamlessly integrates with smart devices, allowing ghostly encounters to extend into the real world.

Players can also simultaneously team up with up to three others, using different vision modes, including standard, night vision, or thermal vision.

The development team behind Scrylight aims to immerse players in a world where the boundaries between reality and fiction become increasingly indistinct. They promise that players will be on edge throughout the game, with the augmented reality technology offering a terrifying and fully immersive experience.

Scrylight is currently seeking crowdfunding support on Kickstarter, where players can learn more about the game and contribute to its development.

Joe Gabriel, developer relations at Niantic Lightship, expressed excitement about Scrylight’s innovative approach to augmented reality gaming. He noted that the game fits well with Niantic’s mission to inspire exploration. He added that Scrylight leverages Niantic Lightship technologies to deliver spine-chilling experiences across players’ homes and neighborhoods.

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