Games for Change and Bahçeşehir University Game Laboratory launches new international chapter in Turkiye

Games for Change (G4C) and Bahçeşehir University Game Laboratory (BUG Lab), education and incubation hub for İstanbul-based indie game developers, announce the newest Games for Change Europe chapter in Turkiye. This expansion marks a significant milestone in G4C’s mission to foster positive social change through innovative and impactful gaming experiences.

The launch of the Turkiye chapter represents a strategic move to further extend G4C’s global community of people and organizations passionate about leveraging games for social good. With Turkiye‘s growing gaming industry and its burgeoning community of developers, educators and advocates, G4C is excited to collaborate with local partners to harness the transformative potential of games for addressing pressing societal issues. The new chapter is G4C’s fifth chapter, following established chapters in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia Pacific, and a growing community in the Middle East and North Africa.

Our partnership with Bahçeşehir University Game Laboratory is the key to the growth of Games for Change’s global community in Turkiye. This is an exciting moment for Games for Change with growing interest in impact gaming around the globe, and we’re looking forward to working with BUG Lab to support the gaming sector in Turkiye and raise awareness of how games can be used to drive real-world change

Susanna Pollack, President at Games for Change

It is a great opportunity not just for Turkiye, but also for the region. These days, we need the common language of games to overcome prejudgements, raise awareness and build empathy for a better future.

Dr. Güven Çatak, Founder Director of BUG Lab

The local chapter is hosting a press meeting on June 13 at Bahçeşehir University at the opening of the BUG Lab Incubation Center’s Demo Day. The press meeting will introduce Games for Change and BUG Lab’s work at the intersection of games and impact, and share a preview of what is to come from the partnership in Istanbul, including plans for a Game for Change festival in Turkiye. 


Games For Change
Nicole Loher, McPherson Strategies
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Güven Çatak, Bahçeşehir University
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About Games for Change (G4C)

Since 2004, Games For Change (G4C) has empowered game creators and innovators to drive real-world change using games and immersive media that help people learn, improve their communities, and contribute to making the world a better place. G4C partners with technology and gaming companies, nonprofits, and government agencies, to run world-class events, public arcades, design challenges, and youth programs. G4C supports a global community of game developers using games to tackle real-world challenges, from humanitarian conflicts to climate change and education.  

About Bahçeşehir University (BUG Lab)

Bahçeşehir University Game Laboratory (BUG Lab) was established in 2011 as a community hub for the independent game scene in Istanbul. Gaining experience through game development marathons and training camps it organized, BUG Lab has become a meeting point not only for independent game developers but also for other stakeholders of the emerging game ecosystem. Building on this synergy and energy, BUG Lab launched the first master’s and bachelor’s game design programs in Turkey, creating a collaborative environment for both education and production. Now, with approximately 700 students and the state-supported incubation center “TEKMER,” BUG Lab continues to serve as the largest talent pool and the sole academic accelerator for the Turkish game industry.

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