Grand Hotel Mania generated $100 million in revenue in four years

Celebrating its fourth anniversary, the time management game Grand Hotel Mania generated nearly $100 million in revenue and got in the top 5 titles in the genre, with the top markets being the US, UK, and Germany.
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Grand Hotel Mania, the time-management mobile game by MY.GAMES marks its 4th anniversary with significant achievements. Since its launch in 2019, the game has accumulated nearly $100 million in revenue, boasting over 19 million downloads. reports its sustained position as the number 5 game in the time-management genre at the start of 2023, placing it among MY. GAMES’ top 5 titles. The game’s primary markets are the US, UK, and Germany.

The game offers immersive gameplay simulating the bustling hotel industry. Over the four years, Grand Hotel Mania has introduced 30 new characters and pets, along with 100 costumes for main characters Monica and Ted. With more than 32 diverse hotels, the game regularly unveils new ones, challenging players to showcase strategic skills and business prowess.

Elena Grigorian, CEO of MY.GAMES highlighted the team’s commitment to creativity and innovation. The game stands out in the time-management genre, incorporating merge and expedition mechanics, isometric maps, and managing two main characters simultaneously. Grigorian emphasized the team’s consistent efforts, releasing unique content updates and organizing around ten in-game events annually to resonate with a global player base.

In Grand Hotel Mania, players step into the shoes of a hotel manager overseeing a network of top-notch hotels. The gameplay involves making critical decisions, efficiently allocating resources to meet guest needs, and expanding the hotel empire. Managing key assistants Monica and Ted is pivotal for attracting a broad customer base and enhancing profitability. As players expand, they explore different countries with distinct characteristics to establish their hotels.

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