Homa Games acquires RisingHigh Academy

The acquisition will strengthen the publisher’s content offer to developers through the soon-to-be-released HomAcademy.
Homa Games acquires RisingHigh Academy
Popular hyper-casual publisher acquires RisingHigh Academy.

The world’s leading platform for publishing and creating mobile games, Homa Games has acquired RisingHigh Academy to provide innovative content and resources for mobile game developers.

After the company raised 50M$ Series A in October 2021, the French scale-up continued to expand. Homa Games team grew to over 100 people, and there were more than 500 million game downloads.

The acquisitions continue to be a big part of Homa Games’ strategy. In November 2021, Homa Games acquired Ducky Games studio to reinforce its in-house capabilities. In addition, today, Homa Games welcomes Kevin Wolstenholme to the team—the creator of RisingHigh Academy—to offer its users more resources on successful games launch.

After team RisingHigh had their first 11 games featured by Apple, Kevin decided to create a course to share the secrets of a successful game launch—realizing that a course would quickly become outdated in the fast-moving mobile landscape, they continued to create weekly content, and the RisingHigh Academy was born.

About RisingHigh Academy

Today, the RisingHigh Academy is a first-class community of over 800 mobile game developers boasting the world’s biggest library of training content. The platform offers game design courses, online level design workshops, leading publisher insights, an exclusive private community, and a weekly Hypercasual (HC) game design show deconstructing the latest trends and best practices.

The Academy already has many successful members achieving double-digit Apple Homepage game features and multiple huge publishing deals.

The success of the RisingHigh Academy could not go unrecognized, so Homa Games decided to launch their academy with the help of Kevin’s experience and knowledge.

What will happen now?

Homa Games aims to create the most active and supportive HC gaming community with the RisingHigh Team.

Looking forward to the partnership, Olivier Le Bas, the CRO of Homa Games, says: “RisingHigh Academy has done a tremendous job creating one of the largest mobile developer communities & learning platforms in the world. Our shared vision towards educating developers leveraging the community & e-learning courses naturally brought us to this acquisition. We are now focused on bringing this vision to the next level together, with the soon-to-be-released HomAcademy program!”

The companies focus on providing educational resources on the latest market trends and current game design techniques to empower game developers worldwide to unleash their creativity under the umbrella of HomAcademy.

“With our aligned core values and synergy, together will further unlock game developers’ creativity paired with industry-leading technology and data. In this new chapter, Homa and RisingHigh will continue to focus on educating, engaging with and providing valuable market insights to empower game developers from all over the world to create the next global hit games.” – Kevin has stated.

The HomAcademy users will achieve exceptional bonuses for the best testing metrics. Plus, it will be a perfect opportunity for new joiners to sign up and test their games on Homa Lab. You can find out more details over on the Homa Games website.

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