Hutch and Turn 10 launch Forza Customs on mobile

Combining puzzle gameplay and extensive car customisation, Forza has new home on mobile.

The UK-based mobile game developer Hutch has launched Forza Customs in partnership with Turn 10 Studios. The unexpected match-3 game is now available on iOS and Android.

The Forza series is known for catering to both casual enthusiasts and hardcore racing fans, offering a spectrum of customization options, from tweaking car performance to designing intricate vinyl wraps with an emphasis on realism. Forza Customs is really a surprise for the game’s fans and match-3 enthusiasts.

Featuring deep and genre-defining car customization, brought to life with leading model fidelity and visuals, Forza Customs will bring Forza to an extensive worldwide mobile audience.

Shaun Rutland, CEO and Co-Founder at Hutch, says: “Forza Customs is the result of two studios coming together to do what they each do best. Combining Hutch’s expertise in creating automotive titles for mobile and Turn 10’s Forza legacy, Forza Customs is set to be an ideal balance of both qualities.”

Players will be able to access a fleet of real-world cars, authentically modeled and customizable, in-game, from manufacturers such as Porsche, Ford, and VW. With a fully featured photo mode built into the game, players will be able to share their creations with a community of customers.

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