Registrations for Hutch’s F1 Clash Championship have started

Registrations for Hutch’s F1 Clash Championship have started. Led by renowned team captains like Enginemode11, Ash Vandelay, and The7WG Racing, the teams will compete for cash prizes.
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Developer of automotive mobile games, Hutch has initiated the registration process for the F1 Clash community championship. Participants of all skill levels can compete for their chosen teams in this forthcoming competition to earn cash prizes.

The F1 Clash community championship will feature ten teams engaging in a global challenge to achieve outstanding scores in a series of gripping Grand Prix events.

To partake in this tournament, F1 Clash players can register on the website, enabling them to align themselves with their preferred team from the 19th of July until the 18th of September. Players who complete the pre-registration process on the website will receive an exclusive in-game tournament livery as a token of appreciation.

Each team will be led by a prominent team captain, including notable figures such as Enginemode11, Ash Vandelay, The7WG Racing, and many more, who will guide and encourage their audiences in their quest for victory.

Participants will compete in various Grand Prix events throughout the competition, accumulating reputation points for their teams. The collective reputation points earned by all team members will determine the ranking of each team within the competition.

Hutch has allocated a prize pool of $20,000 for the highest-scoring players. The top five players who accumulate the most reputation points within the winning team will each be awarded $2,500. The top five performers from the second and third-ranked teams will receive prizes of $1,000 and $500, respectively. The announcement of prize winners is scheduled to take place on the 21st of September during an exuberant celebration live stream.

Doruk Erisen, the F1 Clash Game Director at Hutch, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming event, highlighting the opportunity it provides for fans to indulge in an authentic F1 experience while showcasing their strategic acumen and competitive spirit amongst their fellow enthusiasts. Erisen welcomes the team captains, acknowledging the passion and intensity they will bring to the challenge. With anticipation building, only time will tell which team will triumph in this championship.

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