IGDA Incubation SIG launches to strengthen global game development ecosystem

IGDA Incubation SIG launches, uniting 80+ global gaming incubators. Led by Sho Sato, the alliance transforms game development, fostering innovation, support, and growth for startups worldwide.
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The IGDA Incubation SIG (Special Interest Group)officially launched to fortify the global game development ecosystem. Comprising over 80 gaming incubators and accelerators from more than 50 countries, this global alliance aims to serve as a critical catalyst for startups and entrepreneurs within the game industry worldwide.

Chaired by Sho Sato, Co-Founder of iGi / indie Game incubator, the SIG’s governance structure features an international board with core committee members and seven regional leaders. Pedro Santoro Zambon, Ph.D., serves as Vice Chairman, Tiziano Giardini as Treasurer, and industry figures like Jason Della Rocca, Kadri Harma, and JP van Seventer act as Senior Advisors. Regional leadership includes representatives from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, North America, and Oceania.

The SIG aspires to be a transformative force revolutionizing game development, serving as a beacon for global innovation, support, and growth for game development startups through events, collaboration, and strategic partnerships.

The transformative agenda of Incubation SIG is to foster a nurturing environment for the gaming community. This includes access to a worldwide network of expertise, an open-source toolkit for accelerators, mentor exchange programs, and opportunities for shared exhibitions.

Moreover, the Incubation SIG plans to participate in and organize major international events actively. These events will showcase the best gaming startups worldwide, offering them a platform to gain recognition and attract investment.

By aligning with governments, private industry, and academia, Incubation SIG will be instrumental in promoting policy enablement, securing funding support, forging publishing partnerships, advancing research, and nurturing gaming talent on a global scale.

Sho Sato expressed excitement about the launch: “We are excited to unfold Incubation SIG’s vision of a supportive, interconnected incubator/accelerator ecosystem that propels gaming startups to new heights. We’re not just creating connections; we’re nurturing the very foundations of gaming innovation and entrepreneurship.”

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