Incredibuild supports Epic MegaGrants recipients with acceleration technology

Incredibuild, a prominent acceleration platform catering to developers and DevOps teams, has announced its contribution to Epic MegaGrants recipients through the Mega Perks program. 

The initiative by Epic Games recognizes outstanding applicants, ranging from individual developers and small studios to major corporations, who exhibit notable innovation within the Unreal Engine or contribute to the advancement of the open-source 3D graphics ecosystem across various media and entertainment sectors, including film, television, live events, and more. To bolster the recipient community, Incredibuild has provided an estimated value of up to $2 million in complimentary licenses, exclusive offers, discounts, and other benefits to over 150 members.

Incredibuild’s platform offers MegaGrants recipients the means to expedite their development processes significantly. By transforming any core on their network into a virtual supercomputer, Incredibuild enables these recipients to iterate more frequently and release high-quality products at unprecedented speeds. Notably, this acceleration applies to Unreal Engine code builds, whether initiated from Visual Studio or integrated into CI/CD builds, as well as shader compilations within the Unreal Engine Editor. As a result, build times that once took days and hours are now reduced to minutes, accompanied by substantial reductions in infrastructure costs.

Tami Mazel Shachar, CEO of Incredibuild, stated: 

“In the fast-paced and fiercely competitive realm of game development, every second is of the essence. Game developers are at the forefront of digital innovation across various industries. By supporting them through Epic Games’ groundbreaking Epic MegaGrants program, we empower developers in both small studios and major corporations on a global scale. Incredibuild is thrilled to facilitate development at such exceptional speeds for this talented community.”

Additionally, recipients gain access to Incredibuild’s recently patented Build Cache technology. This feature empowers software developers and build-servers to reuse previously compiled artifacts, eliminating the need for redundant rebuilding. Incredibuild’s technology seamlessly integrates into existing developer workflows, requiring no specific tool or workload familiarity. This saves considerable build time and reduces associated costs, enabling companies to expedite product releases more economically.

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