Mobidictum Interview with CEO and Co-Founder of Leke Games, Gökhan Çokkeçeci

Mobidictum’s interviews with prominent figures in the game industry go on. In this interview, we had a conversation with the CEO and Co-Founder of Leke Games, Gökhan Çokkeçeci.
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Leke Games is the creator of two hit games, Traffic Driving Zone and Defense of the Kings. The first is a versatile car simulator and racing game that caters to a diversified audience, and the other is a tower defense game with a unique twist. Both surpassed expectations and gathered an enthusiastic, lively community of gamers. We talked with Çokkeçeci about the success of these two titles, their development story, and the plans for their future.

Let us introduce you and, of course, Leke Games to our followers.

Hello, I am Gokhan, the Co-founder and CEO of Leke Games. Our company, Leke Games, was established last year, and we have since been dedicated to crafting and releasing captivating mobile games. Our passion lies in creating enjoyable and immersive experiences for gamers around the world. Through innovation, creativity, and a talented team, we strive to bring unique and engaging gaming concepts to life. We are excited about our journey in the game industry and committed to delivering high-quality entertainment to our players.

Can you tell us about the projects Leke Games focuses on?

At Leke Games, we are actively engaged in the development of two exciting projects. The first one is called “Traffic Driving Zone,” a thrilling car simulator and racing game that promises an exhilarating experience for players. In “Traffic Driving Zone,” gamers can immerse themselves in the world of high-speed driving, competing in races, and mastering various driving skills.

The second project we are working on is “Defense of the Kings,” a captivating Tower Defense game that offers a unique twist. Unlike traditional Tower Defense games, “Defense of the Kings” empowers players to build their own strategic mazes, allowing them to devise personalized strategies to defend against hordes of enemies. This unique gameplay mechanic adds an extra layer of depth and creativity, making “Defense of the Kings” stand out among other Tower Defense titles.

Both projects have been meticulously crafted by our dedicated team, and we are thrilled to bring these games to mobile gamers worldwide. We believe that these games exemplify our commitment to delivering innovative, engaging, and enjoyable gaming experiences.

How did you develop the idea of TDZ: Traffic Driving Zone, your first game that reached over 100,000 downloads and 10,000 daily users in two weeks? And what can you say about TDZ 2.0

The idea for “TDZ: Traffic Driving Zone” was born from our team’s shared passion for creating an exciting and immersive racing game. We wanted to develop a car simulator that not only provided thrilling driving experiences but also offered a variety of gameplay modes and challenges. By combining our expertise in game development with our love for racing, we were able to create “TDZ: Traffic Driving Zone.”

The game’s success, with over 100,000 downloads and 10,000 daily users within two weeks of launch, was a pleasant surprise for us. It validated our efforts and reinforced our commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences to players worldwide.

As for “TDZ 2.0,” we are delighted to inform you that we are continuously working on improving and expanding the game. Our team is dedicated to refining the existing features, addressing player feedback, and adding exciting new content to keep the game fresh and engaging. We are also exploring various genres within the “TDZ” universe, and we’re excited to announce that players can soon expect seven different genres of “TDZ,” each offering its own unique gameplay mechanics and challenges.

We owe our success to the support and feedback from our passionate player community, and we are committed to evolving “TDZ” into an ever-evolving gaming experience that players will continue to enjoy for years to come. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates and new genres in “TDZ 2.0”!

Defense of the Kings was recently released and received very positive reviews from the press. What kind of reactions have you received so far, and how will the development of Defense of the Kings continue from now on?

We are absolutely thrilled with the positive reception “Defense of the Kings” has received from both players and the press. The reviews have been incredibly motivating for our team, reaffirming that our hard work and dedication have paid off.

Moving forward, we are fully committed to further enhancing “Defense of the Kings” based on player feedback and our own development vision. Our plan includes introducing new challenges and gameplay elements to keep the experience fresh and exciting. Additionally, we will be implementing design changes to ensure the game continues to evolve and meet the expectations of our growing player community.

“Defense of the Kings” is our pride and joy, and we will continue pouring our efforts into making it an even more exceptional and enjoyable Tower Defense experience for players around the world. We’re grateful for the support we’ve received thus far, and we can’t wait to share the upcoming improvements and features with our players. Stay tuned for what’s to come in “Defense of the Kings”!

What are your plans for launching multiplayer modes for TDZ 2.0 and DOTK, and how do you ensure fair and engaging gameplay for your players?

Our plans for “TDZ” and “Defense of the Kings” include introducing multiplayer modes in the upcoming versions of both games. We understand that multiplayer functionality is highly anticipated by our players, and we are dedicated to delivering an immersive and enjoyable multiplayer experience.

To ensure fair and engaging gameplay for our players, we have implemented various measures. First and foremost, we prioritize balance and fairness in the game mechanics, ensuring that no player has an unfair advantage over others. We carefully analyze player feedback, and when necessary, we make adjustments to maintain a level playing field.

Moreover, we are committed to actively monitoring and moderating the games’ communities to foster a positive and respectful environment for all players. Our social media fan pages and Discord channels serve as platforms for players to interact, share their experiences, and provide feedback. We actively engage with our community, taking their suggestions into account and making improvements accordingly.

To encourage a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition, we recently organized a competition for “Defense of the Kings” with special prizes for the winners. These events allow players to showcase their skills, create memorable experiences, and strengthen the bonds within the community.

In summary, multiplayer modes are on the horizon for “TDZ” and “Defense of the Kings,” and we are determined to ensure that the gameplay remains balanced, fair, and engaging for all our players. We are committed to building and nurturing a vibrant gaming community where players can connect, compete, and enjoy these games to the fullest.

What do you think about the Mobidictum Conference, and what are your expectations for this year’s conference?

The last year’s Mobidictum Conference was truly an amazing and fruitful event. We had a fantastic experience participating in the conference and connecting with fellow game developers, industry experts, and enthusiasts. The conference provided an invaluable platform for networking, sharing knowledge, and learning from the best in the game industry.

The insights gained from the various talks, panels, and workshops were incredibly beneficial for our team. We were able to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the gaming world. The event also allowed us to showcase our games, receive valuable feedback, and generate interest in our upcoming projects.

Thank you for this lovely interview. 😊

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