Kiki Games prepares to debut with Estate Agent Simulator

Antalya-based game studio, Kiki Games, unveils “Estate Agent Simulator,” promising an immersive dive into the real estate realm. The game features financial dynamics along with details like transportation and brand management.

Founded in January 2021 and incorporated in Antalya by February 2022, Kiki Games has announced Estate Agent Simulator. Positioned in the hyper-casual gaming domain, the studio introduces an immersive journey into the world of real estate, promising an interesting experience.

The game’s core features revolve around a realistic depiction of the real estate market, taking players through various regions with dynamic economic trends and market shifts. What sets it apart is the emphasis on personal client relationships, where players build rapport with diverse clients, each with unique stories and expectations.

Beyond the traditional scope of real estate simulations, Kiki Games injects creativity with elements like pet ownership, engaging in storage wars through auctions, and staying updated on city developments that impact the market. The game even integrates a transportation system for city exploration, vehicle customization, and repair stops.

Kiki Games introduces game elements that extend to banking and Bitcoin investments, encouraging players to manage their virtual finances strategically. The recycling system introduces an eco-friendly aspect, challenging players to segregate and discard office waste in recycling bins. Additionally, a food and vending system, coupled with a skill tree for character development, adds layers of complexity and engagement.

Kiki Games envisions a future where their games set new benchmarks and captivate diverse audiences worldwide. With a commitment to setting new benchmarks, Kiki Games aims to establish itself as a significant player in the game industry, creating fun games that resonate with a global audience. Estate Agent Simulator is available on Steam. The game is yet to be released but can be added to wishlists.

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