Mobidictum Interviews: İlayda Bayarı / Xsolla

As Mobidictum Conference is approaching, we had a pleasant interview with Xsolla’s Türkiye and MEA Country Manager İlayda Bayarı in the first part of the Mobidictum Interviews series.
İlayda Bayarı of Xsolla

Founded in 2005 by Aleksandr Agapitov, Xsolla provides solutions for thousands of game developers to finance, market, launch, and monetize their games. Bayarı talked about how Xsolla contributes to the game industry in Türkiye, the solutions they offer for its progress, and the latest trends in the mobile gaming market.

Let us introduce you and, of course, Xsolla to our followers.

I’m Ilayda Bayari, the current Country Manager for Xsolla in Türkiye and the broader MEA region. Xsolla is a dynamic and innovative company within the video game industry. Our primary focus is offering unparalleled services to game developers and publishers that assist them with billing, payments, distribution, monetization, and funding. By providing these services, we’re committed to empowering gaming communities across the globe, enabling developers and publishers to monetize their products effectively and reach wider audiences.

Can you tell us about the areas Xsolla is currently focusing on?

Xsolla is a dynamic force in the game industry, particularly mobile games, providing game developers and publishers with many advantages. Our primary mission is to equip creators with comprehensive tools and services to drive game monetization, facilitate global expansion, and stimulate meaningful player engagement. Strategic areas of focus include streamlining the self-publishing process for global expansion, enabling our partners to target and engage the right audiences, and optimizing our suite of products, such as Webshop, a direct-to-consumer e-commerce solution that motivates player purchases, increasing developer revenue and enhancing Lifetime Value (LTV) and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

What are the advantages of Xsolla for mobile games and the gaming world in general?

Xsolla is a dynamic powerhouse in the broader game industry, especially in mobile games, offering many advantages to game developers and publishers alike. With the primary mission to empower creators, we provide a comprehensive suite of services and tools designed to enable effective game monetization, foster global expansion, and facilitate meaningful player engagement. Our offerings range from diverse payment solutions supporting various currencies and payment methods worldwide to assisting in the distribution of games across over 200 geographies, ensuring seamless and compliant access to over 700 payment methods and more than 130 currencies. As a trusted partner, Xsolla stands by game developers and publishers at every stage of a game’s lifecycle, combining our expertise with integrated solutions to promote global reach and impact in the gaming market.

You operate in a very flexible and dynamic industry. In this context, what is your strategy for the Turkish and Middle Eastern markets?

In the highly flexible, dynamic game industry, our strategy for the Turkish and Middle Eastern markets is guided by understanding the unique needs and preferences of the players and developers in these regions. We’re focused on providing tailor-made solutions, establishing and nurturing strategic local partnerships, and leveraging these regions’ unique market opportunities. By doing this, we aim to support and fuel the growth of the game industry in these regions.

How do you integrate with Web 3.0 technologies, and what developments do you expect in this area?

As a progressive organization, Xsolla always looks for the latest trends and technologies to enhance our services. Web 3.0 technologies offer vast potential to transform the game industry with enhanced user experience, interactivity, and data security. We’re actively researching and strategizing the incorporation of technologies like blockchain, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and decentralized applications (dApps) into our service offerings. We’re excited about these technologies’ potential to revolutionize how developers create games and players interact.

Let’s continue with one of the topics our followers are most curious about. What criteria do you use to decide monetization, investment, and funding?

We use well-defined criteria when making monetization, investment, and funding decisions. We carefully evaluate the potential of the game or project, scrutinizing its unique value proposition and anticipated market demand. Additionally, we assess the capabilities and track record of the team behind it, the current market trends, and the strategic alignment of the project with Xsolla’s vision and goals. Our primary aim is to back projects that have the potential to push the boundaries of the game industry.

What do you think about Mobidictum Conference, and what are your expectations for this year’s conference?

I hold a great deal of respect and anticipation for the Mobidictum Conference. It’s a significant event that brings together some of the most innovative minds in the game industry. For this year’s conference, my expectations are high. I’m looking forward to being part of insightful discussions, gathering valuable industry trends and information, and networking with industry professionals, developers, and gaming enthusiasts. Each interaction brings a chance to learn and grow, and I’m excited to participate.

Thank you for this lovely interview!

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