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Mobidictum Interviews, this time, focus on the career side of the business. We had a pleasant and lengthy interview with Okan Ay, Managing Partner of
Okan Ay of

The technology industry is a growing and developing field. There are many opportunities and possibilities for those who want to make a career in this field. So, what can be done to improve yourself and find a job in technology? is a new-generation technology career platform founded in 2021. The platform scouts prospects and provides new job opportunities. In our interview, we discussed’s founding story, services, events, job postings, and plans.’s Managing Partner, Okan Ay, told us about the industry’s current situation, challenges, and opportunities. He also advised those who want to pursue a career in technology.

You can read the full interview below:

Can you tell us about and what it offers?

We call ourselves the “Next Generation Technology Career Platform”. As, we identify all technology candidates, actively working or not, offer free courses to those who need them, and try to provide new job opportunities. We organize boot camp programs to support the growth of the industry. We organize free training camps for candidates in areas such as software/design. We hire the industry’s leading instructors to develop these friends and provide live sessions. We also organize competitions called hackathons and engaging challenges. We also publish job postings in the technology field and offer job opportunities for our candidates.

Could you tell us more about your role in the company?

For more than two years, I have been working as a Managing Partner of I took the leadership of, a new corporate initiative in our company, by internalizing the “Corporate Explorer” concept, which targets innovation, tries to implement creative innovations, and evaluates them from a start-up perspective.

Can you explain how aims to address the digital talent gap? Which initiatives or programs have successfully helped to train new generations of digital talents?

In Türkiye, the need for technology talent grows by about 100,000 people yearly, but only one in five, or 20,000 people, join the industry on a yearly basis. The situation is even worse in the world. Today, the digital talent gap in the world is over 4 million. In fact, employers offer jobs to existing employees by having them move between companies. We organize programs called boot camps to change this structure and support the growth of the industry. We provide free courses to candidates who want to enter the industry but cannot find support and help them find a job. In addition, we are constantly holding meetings and creating projects to ensure that companies invest in this field. Thus, both candidates, employers, and the industry win. offers Bootcamp, Hackathon events, and Hiring Challenge competitions to candidates. Can you tell us more about how these events help professionals who want to pursue a career in technology and find job opportunities in the industry?

First, if we talk about boot camps, there is an issue where theoretical education is given but cannot be put into practice. On the contrary, we offer our candidates a free practice-based education platform. With Hackathons, we enable them to prove themselves in award-winning competitions and get the reward for their efforts. With Hiring Challenges, we provide job opportunities to the winners of the competition. We continuously recommend our students who are successful in our competitions or boot camps to over 20,000 companies we work with and ensure that they are evaluated for job opportunities.

As a platform that aims to bridge the gap between candidates and employers, we want to know how you ensure the quality of job opportunities listed on What measures are taken to match the right talent with the right employers? has been a tech talent platform from the beginning, and our goal is obvious. If you call yourself a “digital talent,” this platform is tailored for you. Since the launch of, its design, user experience, events, courses, and competitions have been prepared specifically for tech talents, tailored to their insights. For this reason, there is a natural screening process. This way, we provide the right candidate and the most suitable application for our job postings. If we go into a little detail, each job posting is recommended to the right target audience. In this way, we are largely free from the chaos of advertisements and the mess of inappropriate applications.

The platform appeals to experienced professionals and individuals looking to join the technology industry. How do you tailor your services to such a diverse audience and meet their needs?

When started in 2021, it only addressed beginners or less experienced candidates. Still, even on the first day, our strategic plan was designed to appeal to professionals at all levels. Recently, we’ve started to provide advanced technology courses, which we call “Advanced Bootcamp,” which appeals to junior candidates and seniors. In addition, we are taking firm steps towards becoming the platform where our senior fellows can gain the industry knowledge they need.

As a sponsor of Mobidictum Conference 2023, what are the goals and expectations expects from its presence at the event?

Our main goal is to raise awareness about the industry’s current state. As, we want to be able to convey how we can benefit, what our candidates/students should do, and how our companies should determine their future employment strategies. We especially want our candidates to help from our free boot camps and job postings by becoming a platform member. For our employers, we want to offer solutions for recruitment, training, and employer branding needs.

Do you plan to make specific announcements or showcase new products or services during the Mobidictum Conference 2023?

Yes, there are two issues I want to emphasize. First, I want to discuss our latest development, “Technology Job Postings.” Now, you can find job postings of Türkiye’s leading companies in technology positions on, and you can complete your application in seconds with the fast application feature. Secondly, I would like to announce our two open free game development boot camps, and I suggest that those in need who want to find a place in the game industry should send their applications without missing the opportunity.

Thanks for this lovely interview. 🙂

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