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We had a lovely interview with Philippe Grazina, Head of Marketing at TapNation, which has over 1 billion downloads and more than 100 games released.
Philippe Grazina of TapNation

TapNation is a fast-rising game publisher in the mobile game industry, reaching 1 billion downloads. Suppose you’re curious about how TapNation achieved this success. In that case, what games they develop and publish, what tools and technologies they use, and what their plans are, you should read our interview with Philippe Grazina, TapNation’s Head of Marketing. Mr.Grazina talks about TapNation’s vision, game development process, marketing strategy, successes and challenges in the industry, what makes TapNation different from its competitors, and new game projects and collaborations.

Let us introduce the TapNation to our followers. 🙂

TapNation is a Mobile Gaming publisher helping developers take their games to the next level. Our international and creative team harnesses the power of new technologies to deliver successful and entertaining gaming experiences to players worldwide. TapNation released 100+ games which generated close to 1 billion downloads! Our ambition is to lead the way in a high-growth market.

Can you tell us about the areas TapNation focuses on?

TapNation started as a mobile game publishing company and is still our main mission today. This means we help developers by publishing their games on the app stores while taking them to the top. To make this possible, we leverage new technologies to automate processes, forecast revenue, gather detailed and relevant analytics, and more. TapNation also develops its own in-house games, such as Figurine Art, which makes us a very creative team consisting of publishing and monetization managers and developers, game designers, artists, etc.

What are the common features of the games that TapNation develops or publishes, and which genres and platforms do you specialize in?

Our first focus remains hyper-casual games, meaning mobile games with very simple and intuitive mechanics, making them fun and accessible games from the get-go. We now also develop hybrid-casual and web3 games to broaden our portfolio, which already has a wide variety of products such as puzzle games, shooters, simulation games, runners, etc.

What is TapNation’s game development process? What tools and technologies do you use, and how do you test and optimize your games?

Usually, after analyzing the market trends, it all starts during our brainstorming meetings. Everybody in the company is welcome to share their ideas, and most of our hit games come from this ideation process. We then test these ideas through Facebook, TikTok, and other gaming networks, thanks to our A/B test platform, before analyzing the KPIs. If there is potential, we start scaling the game thanks to our best-in-class scaling platform, then improving it to optimize gamer’s experience and metrics, allowing us to monetize it in the best way possible through waterfall automated optimization and by testing new partners, thus increasing profitability.

What is TapNation’s game marketing strategy? How do you promote and distribute your games? Which channels and methods do you prefer?

TapNation has forged partnerships with many UA networks, and we were very early adopters of audio ads and other alternative networks, improving our overall revenue. We also use strategies like cross-promotion through our whole portfolio to retain our players. Our creative team always makes sure to be aware of the latest trends to create the best ads possible. It’s important to catch the viewer’s attention through sounds, colors, headers, text, etc.

What are TapNation’s most significant achievements and challenges in the game industry? What sets you apart from your competitors?

TapNation is close to reaching the 1B downloads milestone, a fantastic achievement in the industry. Our strong focus on new technologies mixed with a very creative team helped us skyrocket to the Top 15 best publishers worldwide position, according to, in just a few years. We have a very international team with more than 15 countries represented around the world while keeping a very human size for the company, allowing us to forge strong bonds as we organize yearly trips together and many other activities, all of this giving us the strength to compete with more crowded competitors.

What are TapNation’s plans? Do you have any new game projects or collaborations? How do you follow the trends in the game industry?

TapNation is currently working on many exciting new projects. This includes tech and machine learning, applying the latest AI models to our business: from predicting user behavior to optimizing our campaigns and automating part of our support using ChatGPT. We also have interesting new projects in the works within the Web3 environment.

What do you think about Mobidictum Conference, and what are your expectations for this year’s conference?

TapNation has attended Mobidictum events for three years in a row, and we’re very glad to be an early partner of these events. We’ve always been thrilled to take part in the conferences as they helped us connect with many different partners of the mobile game industry, in addition to meeting amazing people and enjoying a good time with them.

Thank you for this lovely interview. 😊

You’re welcome 🙂

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