The new update of World of Warships: Legends offers free Bureau Projects

Three new Projects enter the Bureau alongside the addition of another classic 5-week, 100-milestone campaign, a collaboration with Megadeth, and several seasons of Arena Battles in the August update for World of Warships: Legends.
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Wargaming, the developer and publisher behind the naval franchise World of Warships, has unveiled its latest update for World of Warships: Legends. The update introduces a series of new content and features, including three new Bureau Projects, a collaboration with American metal band Megadeth, a 5-week campaign, and three seasons of Arena Battles.

The big news for this update is the addition of the free Bureau Projects. These projects allow players to unlock three Legendary Tier ships through research, each offering valuable in-game rewards. Among these ships is the French heavy cruiser Henri IV, boasting impressive speed and high-caliber guns. Another addition is the Italian battleship Cristoforo Colombo, armed with an array of sixteen 15-inch guns. The pan-European destroyer Halland, known for its rapid-reloading torpedoes and guns, also joins the lineup. Players can pursue these Legendary European vessels as the final rewards of the three distinct projects.

Players can also look forward to the launch of the “Wagen un Winnen” campaign. Spanning five weeks and consisting of 100 milestones, this campaign offers the German Tier VIII Premium destroyer Z-44 as its ultimate prize. Equipped with rapid reloading, long-range torpedoes, and excellent concealment capabilities, the Z-44 promises a unique gameplay experience. The campaign also features a catch-up mechanic for those who may need to make up lost ground.

World of Warships: Legends has also partnered with the iconic American metal band Megadeth for the update. This collaboration provides players with the American Tier IV Premium cruiser Rattlehead and two Commander guises depicting Dave Mustaine and the band mascot Vic Rattlehead. The collaboration’s offerings include a special flag, patch base, and patch symbol. This content will be free until October 2 through various platforms, in-game stores, missions, and the game’s social media channels.

Besides, the August update introduces three new seasons of Arena Battles, commencing on September 7. In this cooperative battle mode, four teams of three players compete for naval supremacy using their seasonally eligible Tier IV–VI ships. Notably, carriers are absent from this mode, and a special Arms Race mechanic has been implemented, allowing for permanent upgradable bonuses.

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