NG20 is starting next week, get your tickets now!

NG20 is around the corner, to be exact, the online game conference will be between the 27-29th of May. What will Nordic Game, the leading games conferences in Europe offer? NG20 online will feature 3 exciting days of exclusively streamed content, social events, competition. That’s not all, there are networking activities for NG20 pass holders on Nordic Game Discord server. Furthermore, the company offers unlimited access to online meeting scheduling and integrated video conferencing via MeetToMatch.

Get your ticket for NG20 for 99 EUR

The ticket price for Europe’s leading games industry event is just 99 EUR. Besides that, you will get 150 EUR discount on passes for Nordic Game at Slagthuset in Malmö, NG20+ on 25-27 November. NG20 program director Jacob Riis said the following about the upcoming digital event:

Our live streamed program will give participants a lot to talk about, and our new Discord server will be the perfect platform for just that – combined with all kinds of activities throughout the conference days and nights, I really hope that people will connect, feel at home and contribute to NG20 on Discord. Despite the challenges we’re all facing now, if we can draw as much of the games industry I love to NG20 online as I hope and imagine, I will be a very, very happy camper. Sign up now! I can’t wait to engage with all of you online. It won’t be business as usual, but it’ll be just as fun and rewarding!


To get your tickets, head to and buy one for 99 EUR as we mentioned above. Also, Rosemary Lokhorst, CEO of the Digging Deep Project and producer of Shadow’s Edge will be a speaker at NG20.

We will be there!

Mobidictum’s team will be at the online conference too! If you are planning to come, don’t forget to say hey. Furthermore, the organization will reveal Nordic Game Awards 2020 nominees on the second day of the event.

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