Nike’s metaverse Nikeland reaches seven million visits from 224 different countries

The giant sporting goods brand’s metaverse project looks highly promising in its first year.
Nikeland Logo with Roblox characters around it

Nikeland is having significant success, with almost seven million people visiting the “micro metaverse.” Diversity also plays a considerable part as the visitors are from 224 different countries, solidifying the fact that the metaverse can be a platform where the whole world can come together.

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The company has been trying to bring in more visitors. Even LeBron James was brought in during the NBA All-Star Weekend to interact with the visitors inside the platform. The NBA superstar was first sponsored by Nike 19 years ago and signed a lifetime contract in 2015.

Numbers were revealed by the CEO and President of Nike, Jack Donahoe, during a Q3 2022 report discussion. The successful metaverse was created in November 2021 inside the massively popular video game Roblox as a way of bringing fans together. Nikeland has been growing steadily ever since and has been a source of inspiration for other brands that wish to branch out into the metaverse.

To promote Nikeland, Roblox used these sentences:

“Welcome to Nikeland, where sport has no rules. Tag on trampolines? Why not. Floor is lava with a dash of parkour? Let’s go. Give classic games a fresh twist—the future of sport is yours to create. Get your body moving. Shake your mobile device to activate super abilities like long jumps and lightning speed. Movement in real life powers what you can do in Nikeland.”

Nike had purchased the agency RTFKT in December 2021 and rebranded the firm as Nike Virtual Studios. Following the acquisition, the company started to work on the metaverse along with NFTs.

Jack Donahoe had these comments about the evolution of the company:

“With Nike Virtual Studios, our vision is to take our best-in-class experiences in digital and build Web3 products and experiences to scale this community so that Nike and our members can create, share and benefit together.”

The NFTs have made a significant amount of money for the brand, earning $185 million until now. It’s not really surprising, considering one NFT sneaker has been sold for a whopping $134,000 as part of a 20,000 NFT sneaker collection named Cryptokicks.

According to Donahoe, Nike Digital has now become the fastest growing asset of the company and covers 26% of the Nike Brand all by itself.

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