One Percent receives a $2.5 million investment from WePlay

One Percent, a game development studio specializing in multiplayer action games, has secured a significant investment valued at $2.5 million from WePlay Ventures and Startgate.
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Founded by Burak Bozkurt, Emir Alp, Batu Erbilgin, Emre Tandar, Can Yıldızlı, and Alper Rende, One Percent has successfully concluded its pre-seed investment round with the participation of WePlay Ventures, a Netherlands-based early-stage gaming investment fund, and Startgate, a game-focused incubation center. The funds acquired through this investment will be allocated to finalizing the development process of the studio’s forthcoming game, aptly named “One Percent,” and facilitating comprehensive testing phases.

Following the investment in One Percent, Bora Koçyiğit, Chairman of the Board of WePlay Ventures, said: 

“We remain dedicated to investing in studios that exhibit remarkable potential and cohesive teams. One Percent’s experienced team and promising projects solidify our confidence in their journey toward success. We stand as partners with the One Percent team, offering unwavering support as they progress toward their goals.”

One Percent is a multiplayer third-person shooter action game, notably integrating esports mechanics emphasizing strategic thinking and individual and team prowess. Players collaborate in teams to achieve objectives in various game modes, vying to outperform other teams. The game’s intricate elements include maps, characters, attire, expressions, costumes, and more. One Percent focuses on delivering a distinctive and immersive game experience. The debut version of the game showcases a unique Cyberpunk universe, with plans to continually expand by introducing additional maps, concepts, and universes.

Having completed extensive research and development efforts for their eponymous game, the One Percent game studio plans to expedite development activities using the secured investment. Utilizing Unreal Engine 5 technology, the team is dedicated to delivering a competitive gaming experience characterized by high visual fidelity and AAA quality. The initial game mode within the One Percent universe is anticipated to be introduced to players in early 2024 following the completion of the Alpha Test phase, spanning PC, console, and mobile platforms. Upon release, the game aims to provide a globally competitive gaming environment, integrating esports mechanics encompassing tactics, individual skill, and team performance.

Parallel to the ongoing development of the One Percent game, the studio is concurrently engaged in creating smaller-scale games using Unreal Fortnite Engine (UFE) technology. Leveraging Fortnite Engine technology early on, the studio aims to establish itself as a prominent developer within the Fortnite ecosystem.

Burak Bozkurt from the One Percent team displayed optimism about the investment’s potential impact on their game development journey. The newly acquired support from this investment round is expected to drive significant advancements in the One Percent game and Fortnite game modes. The strategic advantage presented by WePlay and Startgate brings their company closer to the point of unveiling One Percent to players. They intend to continuously refine the One Percent game, aiming to introduce its inaugural mode in 2024.

Mustafa Cihat Durmuş, CEO of StartGate, who participated in the investment, shared insights concerning this collaboration. He emphasized that their dedication to ensuring secure, sustainable, and scalable success for game developers and studios remains steadfast. He also noted that as they embark on a journey to inject a global perspective into game technology and establish a worldwide hub, their commitment to fostering collaboration with stakeholders who share this vision remains resolute.

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