Playable ads drive 20 times more installs than banners

Liftoff has released its sixth annual Mobile Ad Creative Index, providing valuable insights into advertising trends across various app verticals. 
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Drawing from an extensive dataset comprising 602 billion impressions, the report underscores the significance of user-generated content (UGC) and interstitial ads in maximizing advertising return on investment (ROI). Analyzing trends across gaming, e-commerce, finance, and entertainment sectors, the report emphasizes advertisers need to allocate resources strategically across different platforms and ad formats to navigate the intensifying competition.

Key findings from the report reveal compelling statistics:

  • For gaming apps, playable ads emerge as the dominant force on Android, boasting a significant 20-fold increase in driving installs compared to banner ads. Conversely, native ads outperform on iOS platforms.
  • E-commerce apps witness a notable disparity in cost-per-install (CPI) between Android and iOS platforms, with native ads demonstrating superior affordability on Android at $0.65. In contrast, banner ads offer optimal cost-efficiency on iOS with a CPI of $1.37.
  • Finance apps experience substantial discrepancies in performance and pricing between Android and iOS, with interstitial ads on iOS exhibiting an 18-fold increase in conversion rates compared to banner ads.
  • Moreover, the report underscores the pivotal role of UGC in enhancing advertising ROI. Liftoff’s top advertisers leverage UGC for user acquisition and retargeting campaigns, with UGC ads crafted by the Liftoff Influence team showcasing a 20% lower CPI than other video creatives.
  • Notably, influencer UGC exhibits a four times stronger return on advertising spend (ROAS) compared to brand content, with an average 152% increase in impression-to-install conversion rates.

Additionally, integrating generative AI tools into ad technology is highlighted as transformative, with organizations anticipating significant productivity enhancements. Aidan Quest, Senior Director of Generative AI at Liftoff, underscores the importance of leveraging AI for efficient, creative ideation and production and streamlining commercial operations.

The comprehensive insights provided by Liftoff’s Mobile Ad Creative Index serve as a valuable resource for advertisers seeking to optimize their strategies in an increasingly competitive mobile advertising landscape. You can also download the full version of the Mobile Ad Creative Index.

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