Playable Factory released Playable Ads Creative report

According to the report, short playables with 0-5 and 5-10 seconds perform better.
Playable Ads Creative report

Playable Factory, an ad-tech company that creates tools and technology for the screendriven world, has released a Playable Ads Creative report. The report consists of the company’s own data and insights from intelligence tools like Sensor Tower, and Mobile Action.

Playable ads are still considered the most efficient and budget-friendly choice in 2022 too! Also, with the gaming industry constantly evolving and changes such as IDFA coming into play, it’s crucial to focus on high-quality creatives to succeed in your advertising campaigns.

Which game genres use playable ads?

Playable ads were widely used for almost all games in 2022 due to their cost-effectiveness compared to other creative options. Analysis revealed that out of all playable ads, 27% were categorized as puzzle games, 14.9% as simulation games, and 13.5% as action games. There is still significant potential for developing more playable ads and achieving considerable success across these genres.

Why Puzzles?

Puzzle games are popular for playable ads because they are familiar, easy to learn, and engaging. Users are already familiar with puzzle games, making them a natural fit for playable ads. Additionally, puzzle games are easy to understand and engage users in creative problem-solving, leading to increased engagement with the ad and potentially leading to downloads of the advertised game.


The tutorial in a playable ad is a critical element in helping users understand and engage with a mobile game.

The type of tutorial used in a playable ad will depend on the game’s mechanics, features,
and overall style. Our analysis of playable ads used in 2022 revealed that tutorials used a
combination of text and images in 35.4% of cases, while 5% used only text and 53.8 % used
only tutorial hand.


Heatmaps allow you to track every click made by users in playable. In the example shown, you can see the Heatmap for the game Fiona’s Farm, which indicates precisely where users clicked first. This serves as a powerful reminder of just how crucial tutorials are.

3D Playable Ads

Even in 3D games, playables can usually be designed in 2D. On the other hand, many game
developers prefer playables to 2D because they think that the playables of 3D games cannot
be the same as the game. We know that 3D playable rates were very low in the past years,
but this rate is increasing rapidly every year. Although the size of 3D Playables increases the
loading time of the ad, it seems to increase usability and retention.

As Playable Factory, 32% of the playables we developed in 2022 were designed in 3D. This rate was 24% in 2021. If we look at the increasing rates every year, it is predicted that the popularity of 3D playables will increase in 2023.


The duration of the playable was measured by how long the game was played on average. Most playable have automatic market redirection after a particular time or a certain number of interactions. When we look at the best-performing playable, generally short playables with 0-5 and 5-10 seconds work and perform better.

Playable Factory created over 500 playable ads and collaborated with more than 70 partners. In addition, using Gearbox, Playable Factory’s partners have produced more than 5000 versions, received over 600 million impressions, and viewed over 1 trillion events on the Insight platform.

The full report can be downloaded at Playable Factory’s website.

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