PlayStation 5 sales surpass 40 million

The console, which initially faced a severe shortage of availability due to the effects of the chip crisis, continues to accelerate its sales graph.
PlayStation 5 satışları 40 milyonu geçti

PlayStation 5, which met with players in November 2020, had severe stock problems, especially during the first year, and sold out as soon as it entered the stock, leaving another milestone behind. The console, announced to have surpassed 38 million sales in April, managed to catch the 40 million figure, according to Jim Ryan’s statement as we reach the end of July.

This sales figure announcement comes right on the heels of the PlayStation 5 PRO announcement. No official information has been made about the Slim or PRO models of the console, which is the focus of ultra-speculative news such as 8K game support. Still, considering that the number of games that can use the PS5’s 4K 120FPS support is only a handful, it can be understood why the number of gamers who think this move is premature and unnecessary is pretty high.

Jim Ryan’s full statement is as follows;

“With the support of PlayStation fans, we have reached a milestone of 40m PS5 consoles sold through to gamers since launch. Thank you so much to our community of gamers – without you this would have been an impossible task. We launched PlayStation 5 in November 2020 and the world was in a strange and different place than when we announced the console in 2019. Despite the unprecedented challenges of Covid, our teams and our partners worked diligently to deliver PS5 on time. We continued to face headwinds with the pandemic, and it took months for supply chains to normalise so we could have the inventory to keep up with demand. For more months than I care to remember, we kept thanking our community for their patience while working through these issues. But now PS5 supply is well-stocked and we are seeing that pent up demand finally being met.”

Sony has also released an alphabetical list of the PS5’s most favorite games by gamers.

Top PS5 games by gamers

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