PUBG Mobile Best Gyroscope Settings

PUBG Mobile gyroscope

You can experience a smoother gaming experience with the help of gyroscope settings in PUBG Mobile.

With the PUBG Mobile gyroscope settings, you can experience a smoother gaming experience. Thanks to the best sensitivity settings of the gyroscope, you can aim at your opponents much easier and have a more comfortable game.

PUBG Mobile The Best Gyroscope Sensitivity Settings

PUBG Mobile is one of the most competitive games, and players are trying to be perfect for entering professional teams. To play better, you must have the right sensitivity settings so you can take your game to the next level. Extremely bad kickback can be based on false precision or sometimes a lack of skill.

PUBG Mobile Free Look Camera Sensitivity

Many PUBG Mobile players are using the gyroscope sensor, which can identify where the game is turning the phone’s screen orientation and help control backlash. When using the gyroscope, as with VR glasses, wherever you turn the phone, your character will look towards that direction. You will not want to leave it when you get used to it, even if it is a bit difficult at first. It will be difficult for you to aim with a sniper rifle, especially against a moving opponent, aiming with one finger without using a gyroscope and shooting with the other. However, with the gyroscope, you can aim at your opponent by moving your phone and shoot faster.

PUBG Mobile Camera Sensitivity (Free Look)

Camera sensitivity (free look) is the sensitivity of the eye button. Used to look around without changing character position.

PUBG Mobile Camera Settings

PUBG Mobile Camera Settings

One of the most important settings in PUBG Mobile is the camera settings. These settings affect the movement of the camera angle. Initially, players may have difficulty adjusting the camera settings, but once you get used to it, you will get more comfortable wins. You can use the above settings or make changes according to your taste.

PUBG Mobile – Shooting Animation Sensitivity

Shooting Animation Sensitivity

Aiming animation precision is also important. With these settings, you can control the kickback. The settings given above are settings for easier kickback control. Sensitivity settings should be changed according to the layout. These settings can be conveniently used for three finger and four finger layout. If you are playing two fingers, you can increase the sensitivity settings to have a higher sensitivity. Sensitivity settings can change according to preference. You can always change the settings according to your personal preferences.

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