Reverse: 1999 takes players back in time with Regulus’ character EP and trailer

Set to launch on October 26th across PC, Android, and iOS, Reverse: 1999, a 20th Century Time-Travel Strategic RPG, offers players a unique journey through various historical eras, including the iconic Swinging Sixties. 

The game, developed by Regulus, introduces an EP titled “ReReReRegulus!!” celebrating the classic British rock era. As a strategic RPG, Reverse: 1999 invites players to become the Timekeeper of the St Pavlov Foundation, tasked with confronting the “Storm” and unraveling the mystery behind the anomalous force threatening historical timelines. To face this challenge, players assemble a team of mystical characters from different eras, including Regulus, a rebellious Pirate radio DJ and Aracanist.

Regulus, a central character in the game, is portrayed as a rebellious figure with a musical background, claiming to be a pioneer on the musical frontier. The EP, “ReReReRegulus!!”, is one of the musical features accompanying the game’s release, providing an auditory exploration of the game’s world, eras, and characters.

In addition to her musical prowess, Regulus is a formidable Arcanist with light-bending powers, allowing her to manipulate visibility and engage in strategic RPG combat. The game, set in the twentieth century, encourages players to explore history, interact with a diverse cast featuring authentic regional accents, and engage in combat against malevolent Arcanists, eldritch beasts, and other adversaries.

While evoking an image of popularity in London, Regulus finds herself on the run from the police and mysterious masked figures. A new trailer provides a glimpse into the life of this mystical pirate DJ, showcasing the challenges she faces on the eve of the millennium.

As players embark on their time-travel quest, Reverse: 1999 promises a rich tapestry of world-building, inviting them to uncover the truth behind the “Storm” and the mystical events that transpired at the turn of the millennium. With Regulus as a key character, the game offers a blend of strategic RPG gameplay, historical exploration, and musical elements for players to experience across multiple platforms.

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