Road trip in a hostile environment: Pacific Drive

The release date has been revealed in a new trailer, shown at the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted; a Deluxe boxed version of Pacific Drive is also planned to be distributed next year by Maximum Games.

Pacific Drive is the road trip of a lifetime! The driving and survival game from Ironwood Studios, published in partnership with Kepler Interactive, will be released on 22 February 2024 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

Take another look behind the scenes of the Olympic Exclusion Zone, the fascinating world of Pacific Drive, which this time opens a window onto its past. This former jewel of the Pacific coast, in the northwest of the United States, is now enclosed by 300-metre-high walls, with no contact with the outside world. Plagued by mysterious phenomena, the once peaceful landscapes are changing at the whim of the mystical forces of nature. Explore the different biomes of this timeless world and push ever further into the unknown to map the Zone, discover its secret history, and try to survive the surreal anomalies that haunt this former haven of tranquillity.

Your salvation lies in that good old dusty station wagon, whose unique abilities can lead you to the truth. Maintain and upgrade your vehicle with the tools at your disposal to drive as serenely as possible along the steep roads and muddy tracks that crisscross this enigmatic expanse. Find resources, but also answers to the great mysteries of the Zone, under the injunctions of strange voices, which spit their words of procrastination and other warnings in a disparate fashion into your car’s radio. Will you survive or become just another relic in this dangerous universe? Find out on 22 February.

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