Rogue Games announced a permanent switch to a four-day work week

Company CEO Matt Casamassina revealed that Fridays will be permanently off.
Rogue Games

Video games publisher Rogue Games announced that the company will shift to a four-day work model starting in September. According to the official statement, this won’t be a temporary arrangement. The company will change its work plan accordingly, and employees won’t have to work extra hours.

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In recent years, the games industry has been changing the conditions for the better. Some companies offer remote working or hybrid office work; others offer a four-day work week. Rogue Games will be joining the latter starting from September.

Rogue Games CEO and co-founder Matt Casamassina made the official announcement on LinkedIn and explained their vision for this new working system.

“So I’m excited to announce that starting just days after PAX concludes in early September, Rogue is instituting a permanent four-day work week for all employees. Every Friday off. No extra hours on other days.

“There will undoubtedly be a few challenges in making this happen, but we think we can juggle it in ways that ensure there are no gaps for our developers, business partners, or customers. My hope is that from the outside looking in; it’ll be immaterial. In fact, I’m betting it’ll encourage higher productivity and greater focus from folks when they are on the job—not that we’re falling short here now.”

Before Rogue Games, many companies, such as Armor Games, Fingersoft, Games, Hutch Games, and Blackbird Interactive, started to try this work model.

Rogue Games was founded by industry veterans Mike DeLaet and Matt Casamassina in 2018. The USA-based studio perceives itself as a new kind of game company. The studio’s portfolio includes games like Oz: Broken Kingdom, Sociable Soccer, Wild Life: Puzzle Story, Hexaflip: The Action Puzzler, Super Impossible Road, and many more.

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