Templar’s Oath, the 6th season of Call of Duty, begins

The 6th season of the mobile version of the legendary franchise, Call of Duty, comes with new weapons, attachments, maps, and much more.
call of duty mobile sixth season templar's oath banner image.

Players of Call of Duty: Mobile can now explore the mythology of the enigmatic Templar, Edouard Couteau, with the release of the 6th season, “Templar’s Oath,” on July 5th. Additionally, players can join the oath of the second Legendary Operator of Call of Duty: Mobile, Templar – Couteau, in the new multiplayer mode, Arena, set in the city of New Vision, or venture into the seas with the new Armada Naval Warfare map.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s 6th Season, Templar’s Oath, offers players the opportunity to earn rewards through a 50-level Battle Pass filled with new free and exclusive content besides operators Bulldozer and Wraith. The new season also introduces GRAU 5.56 assault rifle with its attachments, survival training advantage, weapon blueprints, profile cards, charms, Call of Duty Points, and more content.

In addition to these updates, the new season will bring various improvements, enhancements, seasonal missions, giveaways, themed events, and more to the game. The new season is available for download on Android and iOS.

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