Sony unveils Project Q at PlayStation Showcase 2023

Sony has recently announced the introduction of a new handheld gaming device, codenamed Project Q. This innovative device allows users to stream games directly from their PS5 consoles.
sony's new device internally dubbed project q over a dark background.

During Sony’s PlayStation Showcase event, Jim Ryan, the head of PlayStation, revealed that the handheld device is set to launch later this year. A teaser trailer showcased the device’s design. It features an eight-inch screen by two controllers.

Ryan emphasized Sony’s dedication to innovation in both game selection and gameplay. He stated, “Later this year, we will launch a device that enables you to stream any game from your PS5 over Wi-Fi.” Internally referred to as Project Q, the handheld boasts an eight-inch HD screen and encompasses all the buttons and features in the DualSense wireless controller. Further details regarding the device will be shared in the coming months.

It is important to note that games must be installed on the PS5 console for streaming, and VR games will not be compatible with the handheld device. Additionally, PlayStation announced the release of official wireless earbuds, further expanding their range of accessories.

Earlier, Ryan hinted at Project Q during an investor meeting, describing it as part of an ambitious cloud gaming plan. He emphasized the significance of this endeavor for Sony’s ability to capitalize on the growing trend of mobility, stating that it is a “fairly interesting and quite aggressive” strategy.

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