Summoners War: Sky Arena has earned over $3 billion in 10 years

Summoners War celebrates its 10th anniversary, surpassing $3 billion in global revenue with 90% from international markets.
Summoners War Sky Arena has earned over $3 billion in 10 years

Summoners War: Sky Arena has demonstrated its global leadership in the Korean mobile gaming industry over the past decade. To mark its 10th anniversary, Com2uS has released an infographic highlighting the game’s significant milestones and growth. Launched in April 2014 in Korea and globally in June 2014, Summoners War is a traditional mobile RPG in which players collect and battle various monsters. The game has achieved over $3 billion in cumulative global revenue, making it one of Korea’s best-selling content products. The $3 billion in revenue equates to selling:

  • 530 million American hamburgers
  • 2.8 billion cans of German beer
  • 1.57 billion Japanese weekly manga magazines,
  • 1.478 billion bowls of Vietnamese pho

This milestone reflects Summoners War’s achievement as a single game, establishing itself as a best-seller representing Korea.

Summoners War in numbers

Over 90% of the game’s revenue comes from international markets. Notably, 32.2% of total revenue comes from the Americas and 21.6% from Europe, proving its popularity beyond Asia. The game has also topped sales charts in places like Seychelles, Fiji, and Palau, maintaining a global presence across all continents. Comparing the nearly $2.7 billion in overseas revenue to other major K-content industries, Summoners War’s global influence is even more impressive.

The game’s influence continues to grow, with it achieving #1 in game revenue in 95 regions, top 10 in 158 regions, and #1 in RPG revenue in 164 regions. The global summoner base has grown more than 20-fold since launch, and the number of monsters has quadrupled to around 1,600, enhancing the fun of cultivation and combination.

Com2uS is celebrating the 10th anniversary with the “Summoners Festival,” held in 18 cities across 13 countries, expanding user engagement and exploring emerging markets. They plan to expand the Summoners War IP into various genre content and diversify play channels, securing growth momentum for the next 10 years and enhancing its global brand power.

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