tinyBuild acquires IPs from Bossa Studios for $3M

The independent publisher also acquired Konfa Games for approximately $5.4 million.
Tiny Build and Bossa Games logos in the foreground, I am bread and Surgeon Simulator characters in the background, looking blurry

The USA-based publisher of indie games tinyBuild announced that it has acquired the rights to Bossa Studios’ Surgeon Simulator, Surgeon Simulator VR, Surgeon Simulator 2, I am Fish and I am Bread. The publisher paid $3 million upfront for the five IPs.

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tinyBuild has quite the number of studios under its wings, hence finding new homes for these popular games won’t be a problem. The publisher has been looking to expand its portfolio through acquisitions. Bossa side has been “focused exclusively in the genre of Co-op PvE since 2022,” said Henrique Olifiers, Co-founder and Gamer-in-Chief of Bossa Studios, and added the following bit:

“Co-op PvE is a space where we have a lot of ideas for innovative gameplay and shared experiences for the players.

Together with tinyBuild, we found a path that allows Bossa to dedicate its full attention to its new projects, while ensuring Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread and I Am Fish have a new home that understands what makes these games tick as well as we do.”

Alex Nichiporhik, CEO and Co-Founder of tinyBuild also commented:

“We continue investing into expanding our portfolio of our own IP and today’s deals are a unique opportunity to bring both Konfa’s talented team of developers in-house and to add the amazing Bossa intellectual property to the tinyBuild portfolio.”

Per the official press release, tinyBuild will pay about $5.4 million for the acquisition of Konfa Games, a studio the publisher has been working with for a while now. The payment will be split approximately in 40% cash and 60% newly issued tinyBuild shares.

The two gaming entities have been working on Despot’s Game and launched the title on Steam Early Acces back in October 2021. The game is set to launch on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 15. The PC version will be available on both Steam and Epic Games Store.

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