Turkish NFT project Fırat sold 5000 NFTs in one day

Fırat collection consisting of 5000 NFTs, for which Playumm has undertaken the NFT game project, was sold out in one day!
Fırat NFT Game made a successful debut.

NFTs of the Fırat cartoon series belonging to the Uykusuz magazine have started to be sold through Kalao in recent days. The entire 5000-piece collection was sold in one day. The power of Uykusuz magazine was behind the NFT collection Fırat, owned by Uğur Gürsoy.

The 5000-piece NFT collection for sale in Kalao was minted at 0.75 AVAX. The collection attracted a lot of attention, and all of the NFTs were sold in one day. Buyers have already started trading Fırat NFTs. As of today, the trade volume of the collection has reached 2337 AVAX or approximately 260 thousand dollars, and the number is increasing rapidly. Playumm Founder Sevgin Şen celebrated the news that the entire NFT collection was sold on LinkedIn:

Fırat is a game based on the play-to-earn system. The makers of the game state that Fırat offers different game mechanics compared to its counterparts. Playumm also wants to transform the game into a metaverse in the future. With the system to be established, it is aimed to provide value to both NFT owners and players.

The successful cartoon of Uykusuz magazine, Fırat’s becoming an NFT game and its outstanding success from the first day, has managed to attract the attention of Turkish game developers and players. It seems that Turkish game companies and artists, keeping up with the development of NFT and play-to-earn system globally, will continue to produce successful projects.

FIRAT NFT GAME – Prototype Teaser:

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