Turkish studio Umuro secures investment valued at $1.75M

The game maker is known for Nasreddin Runner, Osman Gazi, Vikings: Valhalla Saga and a few other titles.
Umuro Game's Ertugrul Gazi looking menacingly

Canakkale-based video game studio Umuro secured an investment from Keiretsu Forum Türkiye, valued at 32 million Turkish Liras ($1.75 million). The Turkish game studio was founded by Umur Burak back in February 2017, and developed games on iOS, Android, and PC. The studio’s standout games are Ertugrul Gazi, Nasreddin Runner, and Vikings: Valhalla Saga.

The studio most recently worked on Ertugrul Gazi 3 and released the game on both App Store and Google Play. The game has seen over 100,000 downloads on Google Play and received over 2,000 reviews with a rating of 3.2 stars. The predecessor, Ertugrul Gazi 2 reached 10 million downloads back in September 2022 on Google Play Store.

Keiretsu Forum Türkiye’s official press release said its angel investors decided to invest in Umuro Game, “A studio capable of developing games on multiple platforms simultaneously and has over 20 million users.”

The studio also has a title dubbed Osman Gazi, released across Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. The game is also available on mobile platforms.

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