Valorant presents Iso, a formidable Chinese freelance assassin

Riot Games and Valorant present Iso, a formidable Chinese freelance assassin, challenging players to intense duels.

Riot Games and Valorant unveiled the latest agent, Iso, inviting players to engage in intense duels with the skilled Chinese freelance assassin. Iso enters the fray, disrupting enemy ranks with a fluid motion, reshaping surrounding energy into a bulletproof shield as he advances to his next duel without losing focus. Iso’s abilities are outlined as follows:

Double Tap (E)

Initiate a focus counter. Upon completion, enter a flowing state where energy spheres drop from enemies you kill or who damage you before death. Shooting this sphere grants a shield that blocks the first incoming damage from any source.

Undercut (Q)

Equip a molecular wave and launch it forward to apply a vulnerable effect to all players it touches when fired. This wave can pass through solid objects, including walls.

Contingency (C)

Equip to accumulate prismatic energy. Press fire to send an indestructible energy wall forward, blocking bullets.

Kill Contract (X / Ultimate)

Equip a dimensional arena. Press fire to send an energy wave to the battlefield, pulling you and the first enemy it touches into an arena for a duel to the death.

In addition to introducing Iso, Valorant Episode 07 Act 03 brings a brand-new Battle Pass. Celebrating the spirit of the new year, this Battle Pass includes spray items and weapon skins inspired by well-known stories and art genres.

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