Blockchain game Spinblade secures $250,000 in investment

Spinblade will start a seed round in the upcoming days as well.
Spinblade's logo on a black ground.

The Spinblade team announced that it has secured a $250,000 angel investment and it will soon launch a seed round to find more investors for the soon-to-be-released blockchain game. The company said the investment will be used for further developing Spinblade, as well as creating marketing and community activities.

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The gaming division says angel investors who participated in the round prefer to remain anonymous but are “respected people from both the gaming and technology industries.”

Spinblade is already partnered with other companies in the video gaming space, as well as gaming guilds, and products in the blockchain gaming industry. Partners of the project include Polygon,, Spintop, Troy Guild, Olympos Guild, and Moralis.

Spinblade’s Co-Founder Ibrahim Kaya said:

“This is just one of the first steps of a long journey. I would like to thank all the investors, advisors, and backers who believed in the project and the team during current market conditions. But we truly believe that projects that are not quitting due to market conditions and keep developing will hit their success as soon as the market starts climbing.”

Spinblade’s Growth Manager Cengiz Akçay also commented:

“We appreciate all of our investors for their belief in the project and the team. As a team, we are working hard to bring a fun, sustainable, and profitable game experience to our community and the blockchain gaming world. Our investors approved that we are on the right way.”

Spinblade’s Community Manager Aysu Burak‘s comments were:

“Despite this bear market, closing such a round with such valuable investors of the industry reminded me once again what a solid team we have and that we are moving in the right direction.

“I’d like to thank all of our community members for their support, our partners for their cooperation, the team for their commitment, and of course, our investors for their trust in our project. It’s so exciting to be a part of it!”

Spinblade is “A blockchain-powered video game based on one of the memorable childhood toys and games,” says the folks behind the project. The Web3 game is a modern and digitalized version of spinning tops with a unique approach.

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