Wemade Secures 100 Games for its blockchain game platform

Wemade secures 100 games for the WEMIX PLAY blockchain game platform. Scheduled to launch in 2023 are RPG, FPS, and fishing games, among others, in partnership with game companies from around the world.
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Wemade blockchain game company has announced that it will onboard 100 games to the WEMIX PLAY global blockchain game platform. The company has signed WEMIX PLAY onboarding contracts with game companies from various regions, including Korea, North America, the Middle East, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Wemade aims to expand the influence of WEMIX PLAY partnering with domestic and foreign game companies. The company has been promoting the vision of WEMIX PLAY blockchain game platform, by securing a lineup and continuously diversifying genres. 

Among the 100 games that will be onboarded to WEMIX PLAY are various genres such as RPG and fishing games. The games include collecting RPG Calypse Chronicle from Danbi Entertainment, the FPS game BlackPointBR by ExaV Studios, and Metaverse NFT game Melting Earth from MetaDream. Wemade has also announced that the idle RPG Barbarian Merge from NT Games, the fishing game World Fishing Championship developed by Wemade Plus, and the collecting RPG SoulSeeker Knights from RotiX will be released on WEMIX PLAY this year.

WEMIX PLAY offers 26 blockchain games across various genres with detailed information on each game and WEMIX PLAY is on WEMIX PLAY website.

Recently, the company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with American game developers Liithos, Inc., Hit Factor, Inc., and PM Champions, LLC to onboard games to WEMIX PLAY. And to enhance user convenience and experience, WEMIX PLAY has extensively revamped and significantly strengthened its platform’s features and functions with the introduction of version 3.0 in March 2023. The company plans to release a dedicated app player, WEMIX PLAYER to improve game accessibility for global users.

The first fishing game on WEMIX PLAY, World Fishing Championship will officially launch in 170 countries on May 25th.

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