Wuthering Waves made $110 million in less than a month

Wuthering Waves surpasses $110 million in revenue in less than a month, topping charts and featured at Apple’s WWDC. Discover the game’s success and future plans.
Wuthering Waves made $110 million in less than a month (800 million yuan)

On June 11, 2024, Wuthering Waves appeared at Apple’s WWDC, showcasing its success and popularity, according to GameLook. The game, developed by Kuro, has generated significant buzz and impressive financial results.

Despite some controversies and mixed reviews, the game has seen a surge in player engagement. Silent players, who often juggle multiple games, are now voicing their support for Wuthering Waves, appreciating Kuro’s continuous updates and community involvement. As time passes and discussions shift from controversy to gameplay, Kuro plans to invest more in the community, fostering a robust ecosystem around the game.

Key Highlights

  • Launch and Reception: Wuthering Waves has topped sales charts in 6 countries and entered the top ten in 29 regions since its release. It has received positive feedback from players and continues to see active community engagement.
  • WWDC Feature: The game was the only Chinese game featured at WWDC, highlighting its global impact. Apple emphasized its importance alongside other major titles like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Shadow.
  • Revenue Milestone: Within two weeks of its launch, Wuthering Waves achieved over 30 million downloads and surpassed $110 million (800 million yuan) in revenue. The game is projected to reach 1 billion yuan in its first month.
  • Apple Collaboration: Apple has consistently supported the game, featuring it in global recommendations. The game will soon be available on Mac, indicating Apple’s commitment to expanding its gaming ecosystem.
  • Future Updates: Wuthering Waves continues to evolve, with significant updates and new content planned. The upcoming 1.1 version promises new maps, characters, and gameplay features.

As Wuthering Waves prepares for its 1.1 version release, the game’s trajectory remains a focal point for both players and the industry. The updates are expected to bring significant enhancements, and the game’s ongoing success will be closely watched.

Wuthering Waves has proven its quality and potential, and it is becoming a global phenomenon. The industry and players will closely monitor the game’s ongoing success and future updates.

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