Xsolla and Crypto.com partner to integrate payment solutions

The global video game commerce company Xsolla has partnered with Crypto.com, a global cryptocurrency platform, to integrate Crypto.com’s checkout solution into Xsolla’s Pay Station platform.
xsolla and crypto.com logos with crypto payment interface images.

The integration of Crypto.com Pay represents a significant step forward in the game industry, allowing game developers and players to seamlessly accept cryptocurrency payments and streamline transactions in a secure and user-friendly manner. This development enhances the digital payment landscape, offering players a wider range of transaction options within digital and metaverse environments. Moreover, this collaboration marks Crypto.com’s expansion within the game industry.

Eric Anziani, President and COO of Crypto.com, noted:

“There is significant potential in the convergence of gaming and Web3. By partnering with a global gaming leader like Xsolla and leveraging our respective assets and expertise, we are helping make that potential a reality – giving developers, publishers, and players a seamless way to engage and create value in the crypto economy.”

Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating:

“The integration of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment offers game developers and players an innovative payment solution that aligns with the global shift towards digital currencies. Our collaboration with Crypto.com marks a pivotal moment for the gaming industry, paving the way for a more inclusive and secure gaming ecosystem.”

Xsolla’s Pay Station, known for facilitating in-game purchases across 200+ regions and countries through various compliant payment providers, will enhance its service by integrating Crypto.com Pay. This forthcoming development is expected to broaden the scope of developers and publishers, enabling them to access a diverse player base and explore new revenue streams.

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