Xsolla launches two new solutions to help independent game developers

Xsolla launches two new solutions called Xsolla Accelerator and Xsolla Payouts
Xsolla Accelerator Program
Developers and publishers can now take advantage of two new solutions.

Xsolla has launched new projects to help developers take it one step further. Xsolla is a video game commerce company that provides services in more than 200 geographies and over 20 languages worldwide. Projects called Xsolla Accelerator, and Xsolla Payouts were made available to developers and publishers.

Founded in 2015 by Aleksandr Agapitov and Albert Donahue, Xsolla has been bringing developers and investors together with specific projects since its establishment. According to the company’s LinkedIn page, it has close to 500 employees and seems to continue to proliferate when looking at the recruitments made.

Xsolla created Xsolla Accelerator with indie studios in mind, who are just beginning their journey, seeking guidance and funding. The program offers 16 weeks of mentoring support for developers and also has the chance to finance a bridge worth $30,000 to $100,000 at the end of the program. In addition, at the end of the program, accepted developers will have the opportunity to connect with an extensive network of publishers and investors from around the world.

Eugene Maleev, Business Head of the Xsolla Accelerator Program, commented:

“Developers should feel safe working with us, and we won’t tap on publishing and IP rights. We will support developers in all negotiations. We have a vast network of investing partners, industry experts, and best practices to help studios succeed and earn that critical next level of funding.” 

Another project, Xsolla Payouts, will make it easier for developers and publishers to pay outsourcing content creators.

The Xsolla Accelerator journey, which starts with the application phase, will progress through 6 different modules in 16 weeks from the selection date. During this time, participants will attend training and events, connect, and work with mentors. At the end of this process, they will graduate and take their business to the next level with the investment they receive. In addition, Xsolla will not withdraw its support from you after this investment and will continue to watch your back.

This is not the first project of Xsolla for developers. The company aimed to help games reach the community with Mobile Game Commerce, which it released in January last year. Likewise, in July last year Xsolla brought the investors and developers together by launching the Game Investment Platform.

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