YAHAHA pushes no-code game development further

YAHAHA Studios revolutionizes game development with its Beta release, offering an array of new features for creators. The platform’s enhancements include improved visuals, faster rendering, expanded gameplay options, and a vibrant marketplace. YAHAHA aims to democratize 3D content creation and empower users with their innovative tools.
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User-generated content (UGC) platform YAHAHA enters Beta mode, marking a step forward. Following a year-long Early Access phase, the Finland-based startup enhances its offerings with updated community features and improvements to the proprietary DOD engine. The Beta version provides a range of new features and capabilities, offering creators exciting opportunities for game monetization and empowering their creativity.

Founded in 2020 by Unity veterans, YAHAHA Studios is dedicated to democratizing game creation through UGC. With no coding expertise required, YAHAHA is a starting point for anyone interested in bringing their visions to life. The Beta release introduces features, including a game publish service to share creations, player donations for creators’ financial rewards, and the Power Up Plan, opening new monetization avenues.

Enhancements to the platform’s DOD engine include improved visual effects, faster rendering speeds, enhanced multiplayer gaming capabilities for larger groups, and expanded gameplay options like swimming, shooting, and vehicles. These improvements aim to cater to the diverse range of creators and players who have contributed to YAHAHA’s Early Access Alpha, which attracted over one million users.

The Beta version brings even more control to users through the Assembler and YGC features, enabling them to craft game triggers and logic. Creators can share and sell their assets on YAHAHA’s Asset Library, fostering a vibrant marketplace within the platform.

Chris Zhu, CEO of YAHAHA Studios, commented on their vision:

 “With this Beta, we believe we have achieved our goal of democratizing 3D content. We are fully committed to supporting our creators and their role in our platform and company culture. This is just the beginning, as we have more functions and features planned. Now is the perfect time to unleash your creativity with YAHAHA.”

The Beta version promises improvements for enthusiasts, beginners, indie developers, and adept game designers and artists. It offers diverse game experiences, simplified game creation, access to community-created assets, and monetization opportunities.

YAHAHA commits to regular updates and delivering an innovative and user-friendly game creation engine for everyone, from students to professionals. Exciting features like Co-Create and the generative AI tool YAI will further establish YAHAHA as the ultimate platform for game creation.

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