Pre-registration for Zynga’s new game begins today

Pre-registration for Zynga’s highly anticipated game FarmVille 3 has been opened. The game will be released on November 4th.
zynga farmville 3
Zynga’s highly anticipated game FarmVille 3 will be released on November 4th.

Zynga, the creator of the popular game series FarmVille, which has made a splash all over the world, announced that the pre-registration for the upcoming FarmVille 3 has been opened.

A FarmVille 3 farm.
A FarmVille 3 farm.

FarmVille 3, which everyone has been eagerly waiting for, will take its place on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store worldwide on November 4th. Besides, it has been confirmed that the game will be released on M1-equipped Apple laptops and desktops. Bernard Kim, President of Publishing at Zynga, said the following about the game:

“Twelve years ago, FarmVille entered the gaming market and has generated a loyal player base with over 700 million installs for the FarmVille series worldwide. Today, we are excited to open the pre-registration of FarmVille 3. The game has been enjoying FarmVille over the past ten years. It’s uniquely designed to captivate the imagination of many players who have bought it and the enthusiasm of a new generation of gamers.”

In addition, Zynga has also released a trailer that introduces many new features that will be included in FarmVille 3. The trailer features fan-favorite farmhand Marie, brand new characters, and adorable animals. According to official statements, the game includes more than 150 animal species. Players can adopt, nurture and raise baby animals. For their parenting efforts, players will be rewarded with unique farm items to help them along their journey.

Saluting the series once again, Marie, the fan-favorite character, will guide the players in their first steps in the game. Marie will be accompanied by a staff of more than 30 different farmers. Each character will be equipped with useful skills such as baking, fishing, woodcutting and crafting to aid players in their farm-building journey. In addition, as Zynga stated, there will be changing weather in the game and players will be able to use this to their advantage.

A FarmVille 3 farm.
A FarmVille 3 farm.

FarmVille fans can pre-register now to stay up to date with the latest on FarmVille 3 and be one of the first to be alerted for the game to be released on November 4. A special starter kit will also be given to those who download the game within the first 2 weeks after the game’s release.

For more information about FarmVille 3 and to pre-register:

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