Zynga’s games are ready for Halloween with treats and surprises

Zynga has announced an array of in-game Halloween events across its diverse portfolio of titles. The spooky celebrations are set to captivate players throughout the month, with various games offering unique and thrilling experiences.

Titles participating in the Halloween festivities include Dragon City, Empires & Puzzles, the FarmVille franchise, Game of Thrones: Slots, Golf Rival, Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, Hit it Rich!, Merge Dragons, Monster Legends, Top Eleven, Top Troops, Two Dots, Words With Friends, and Zynga Poker.

Top Troops Hosts First Halloween Event

Zynga’s latest release, Top Troops, is making its mark by hosting its inaugural Halloween event. The game features pumpkins, candy, and a surprise guest werewolf. Meanwhile, in the FarmVille franchise, players can join a haunted circus, craft eerie snacks, and engage in trick-or-treating with friends, promising a spine-chilling experience with custom costumes, dark wooded paths, and monster hunting.

Highlighted Halloween Events:

Dragon City – Fallen Guild

October 26 – November 6

The High Nacrea Dragon takes center stage in a new Heroic Race, featuring rearranging “A-R-C-A-N-E” and fending off hordes of Duo-Dust Dragons.

Empires & Puzzles – Return to Morlovia

September 25 – November 2

Players can embark on a spine-tingling adventure in Morlovia, facing familiar fiends, conquering haunting stages, and claiming rewards. New Morlovia Heroes await, including Amber, Edwin, and Lucinda.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape – Circus of Nightmares

October 25 – November 5

Circus of Nightmares offers a non-clowning Halloween experience with spooky rides, tricks by Eerie Ellen and scaremonger Chuckle Carl, and the chance to craft eerie-sistible snacks and costumes.

Game of Thrones Slots Casino – Shadowbinder Shadow Assassin Special Quest

October 31 – November 1

The Shadowbinder seasonal event brings dark plots to the surface, inviting players to complete tasks and challenges for rewards.

Golf Rival – Halloween Challenge

October 27 – November 12

Golf Rival introduces a Halloween Challenge with special events on the Skull Cove course, eight new exclusive Halloween special balls, and unique striking effects.

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells – Halloween at Hogwarts and Dark Arts Event

October 2 – November 1

The event features daily and seasonal tasks, offering players a chance to unlock rewards, including the highly anticipated Magical Creature, the Mooncalf.

Hit It Rich! – SlotVentures: Booo!-Levard and Quest for the Chest: Halloween

October 25 – November 6

Hit It Rich! introduces a Halloween-themed SlotVentures: Booo!-Levard and brings back Quest for the Chest: Halloween, allowing players to unlock rewards.

Merge Dragons! – Phantom Gathering

October 20 – 23

Merge Dragons! unveils the Phantom Gathering event, encouraging players to unearth the mysteries of the haunted realm and unlock exclusive rewards.

Monster Legends – It’s Monster Season!

October 13 – November 10

Monster Legends presents a spooktacular month-long event with the return of Lord Hayman and three new grotesque monsters.

Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager – Nightmare Road Event

October 22 – November 2

Top Eleven introduces the Nightmare Road Event, plunging players into the darkness with themed cosmetic items and Night Mode matches.

Top Troops – It’s Top Troops’ First-ever Halloween!

October 31

Top Troops celebrates its first Halloween with a town hall party featuring pumpkins, candy worms, and an unexpected werewolf guest.

Two Dots – A Spooky Month in Two Dots

Month of October

Two Dots offers a thrilling month with Treasure Hunts, new levels, spooky collectible Halloween postcards, and Batty Badge rewards.

Wizard of Oz Slots – Wizard of Oz Challenges (Haunted Forest Theme)

October 25 – 29

Players can complete challenges and navigate the Haunted Forest in this spooky five-day event, earning bonuses and treats.

Words With Friends – Halloween Events

Month of October

Words With Friends presents three themed challenges, including the Spirit Festival Rewards Pass, a Solo Challenge, and a Weekly Challenge to earn the Zombie Hand Badge.

Zynga Poker – Monster Hand

October 18 – November 23

Zynga Poker goes all-in for Halloween with the Monster Hand Watch Event, offering players the chance to earn bone-chilling watches.
Zynga’s Halloween festivities promise diverse experiences for players across their beloved titles, embracing the spirit of the season with themed events, challenges, and rewards.

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