Brawl Stars Gadgets Character Abilities

Brawl Stars Gadgets Character

We have compiled gadgets character abilities in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars gadgets character abilities have been leaked! While Brawl Stars is getting ready to appear with its gadgets feature, brand new development is on the agenda. According to the information disclosed in Brawl Talk, each character will now have a new ability after level 7. While this topic is still fresh, we encountered a leak on character abilities. Although the numbers were not clear, a lot of information was shared on the gadget abilities of the characters. We translated this information into Turkish and shared it.

Brawl Stars Gadgets Character Abilities

Below we have written the gagdets abilities of all the characters. Places that say “x” contain variable numbers. We can say that there is no clear information on those issues. If you want, you can press CTRL + F key and type your character name and access related information.

  • Rosa instantly grows a bush where it is.
  • Crow gains a shield that reduces incoming damage by x% for x seconds.
  • Brock detonates the ground beneath it and jumps into the air, taking x damage to enemies in the blast area.
  • Rico fires bouncing bullets all around Spike fires damaging thorns around it.
  • Penny detonates her turret, breaks nearby walls, and deals x damage to enemies.
  • Nita commands the bear to hit the ground, freezing all enemies in range.
  • Barley bursts a sticky-blend bottle and the resulting liquid slows enemies that touch it.
  • Jessie’s turret shocks it around and slows enemies.
  • Enemies close to Gene are pushed back and regen x health again.
  • Tick ​​escapes from the nearest enemy and leaves 1 mine behind.
  • Max dashes towards the nearest enemy, taking no damage while dashing.

How’s the situation with Shelly?

  • Shelly leaps forward with a rope and hook. Jackie gets a boost of energy and goes x% faster for x seconds.
  • Pam launches a turret that increases her and her allies’ health by one salvo.
  • Dynamike throws dynamite around him and turns in fury, each dynamite deals x damage to enemies, 8-bit instantly teleports to where his turret is and detonates his turret.
  • Darryl stops turning and shoots all around.
  • Frank blocks his own freezing and resists all slow-backs and freezes.
  • Carl leaves hot gems behind him and enemies touched take x damage per second.
  • Bo throws a ward, which reloads super of nearby teammates and himself.
You can find all the details about Brawl Stars Jacky at Mobidictum.
  • El primo grabs the closest opponent and throws it over his shoulder like a feather.
  • Mortis attacks with his shovel and deals x damage to nearby enemies.
  • Tara and her allies can see all enemies (including those in the bush) for x seconds.
  • Poco and nearby allies regen x health per second for x seconds.
  • Piper fires a burst of shots at a nearby enemy, dealing x damage each shot.
  • Boosts Mrp minions by increasing damage dealt by x and increasing health x.
  • Sandy falls asleep and completely replenishes his life.
  • Bea leaves a hive on the battlefield, and enemies approaching the hive are slowed down.
  • Bull instantly recharges x health.
  • Colt instantly reloads 3 rounds.
  • Emz knocks nearby enemies back and deals x damage.
  • Leon creates a clone of himself.
  • Bibi recharges x health per second for x seconds.

Gadgets Abilities of New Characters

  • Sprout recharges x health by eating a bush.
  • There is no clear information about Jacky yet. We will update it when it comes.

The topic of gadgets was mentioned in the last Brawl Talk shared. We shared this video by adding Turkish subtitles. If you wish, you can watch the video right below. If it’s off, don’t forget to turn on the video’s subtitles in the bottom right section.

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