Brawl Stars surpasses $17M in its first week in China!

Brawl Stars

Supercell’s Brawl Stars is one of the most popular multiplayer games on mobile phones. The game launched in China for the first time on June 9. Based on SensorTowers’ latest report, the game had a stellar start and had 4.8 million downloads in its first week. Furthermore, the game made $17.5 million in its first week in China.  During this period, Supercell’s hit generated an estimated $28.8 million in gross revenue worldwide. China accounted for 60.7 percent of all player spending. Total downloads reached 6.7 million downloads and China represented 71 percent of it.

Brawl Stars has beaten Clash Royal

If we compare Supercell’s two hits, Brawl Stars and Clash Royal, we can clearly see that the new game generated almost double what Clash Royal did in its first week. As we mentioned above, The team-based multiplayer game generated $17.5 million in its first week while Clash Royal made $9.4 million. This is all based on Sensor Tower Store Intelligence platform. During its lifetime, Brawl Stars has accumulated $675.4 million in player spending globally and picked up 204.3 million downloads. Also, the game is really popular in South Korea and it generated $120.4 million in the country to date. That is 17.8 percent of all-time revenue.

Brawl Stars Furthermore, The United States ranked second with $101.5 million which is 15 percent of the total revenue. Germany follows up with $65 million which is 9.7 percent of total revenue. When it comes to downloads, Russia ranked first with 22.5 million installs. Brazil comes after Russia with 18.8 downloads followed by the United States with 15.5 million downloads. Most of the downloads were on Google Play, to be exact, it was 153 million installs or 75 percent of the total. On the App Store, total downloads were 51.3 million, that’s a 25 percent.

Another success for Supercell

The Finish mobile game developer and publisher is making another success story in China. For more analytics and reports, click here.

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