China will generate 40% of mobile games revenue in 2020

In the past months, mobile games revenue saw remarkable growth when it comes to downloads and revenue. Many insights reported high gaming usage during the ongoing outbreak. The reason behind that is mobile games are easy to get into and don’t need much hardware. Also, Newzoo expects global mobile games market to reach $77.2 billion by the end of the year. GoldenCasinoNews says that China will generate 40 percent of the global mobile games market revenue in 2020 in its latest report.

Mobile games revenue will reach $21bn in value in China

Based on GoldenCasinoNews data, China is expected to reach more than $21 billion in value. Recent years have witnessed a surge in the Chinese mobile games revenue. In 2017, the market hit $14.9bn value, revealed Statista data. During the next two years, the mobile games industry revenue continued rising and reached $18bn figure. Statistics show the market value is expected to jump over $21bn in 2020. That’s a 16.5% year-on-year growth. Since 2017, the profit in the Chinese mobile games segment has jumped by 50%.

mobile games revenueFurthermore, a survey conducted in March by The Rakuten Insight showed that 82 percent of Chinese gamers use mobile phones for playing online games. This percentage makes mobile devices the most popular gaming hardware in China. It is followed by PCs with 59 percent while Nintendo Switch and Xbox follow with 9% and 4% respectively. The same survey revealed that one-third of Chinese gamers play online games daily. Another 33% of those asked play online games between three to six days per week. Another 18% of Chinese gamers played online games once or twice a week.

In 2020, Chinese gamers will jump over 500 million

During these tough times especially, Statista’s data forecast that Chinese mobile gamers will jump over 517 million this year. In 2017, China had about 381 million and it increased to 450.7 million in the following two years. For more analytics and insights, click here!

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