Decentraland denies the numbers on DappRadar’s active user report

A defense was made by stating that some websites only track specific smart contract transactions and share inaccurate information.
The word Decentraland in bright blue over a virtual forest

Decentraland has denied the active user numbers shared by DappRadar. The report suggested that the platform had 38 active users throughout one day. DappRadar also stated that the highest lifetime user count the platform has ever seen was 675 users.

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Decentraland’s Creative Director, Sam Hamilton, argued that the correct numbers are 8000 daily users on average. DCL Metrics has also been recommended as a reliable data source. Decentraland denied the report on Twitter with these sentences:

“Lately, there has been a lot of misinformation on the number of active users of Decentraland. Some websites are tracking only specific smart contract transactions but reporting them as daily active users DAU, which is inaccurate.”

Decentraland’s defense suggests that it accepts the fact that these numbers do belong to specific smart contract transactions. The virtual world has also shared its own numbers through its official Twitter account, revealing much different metrics than DappRadar:

Decentraland is getting ready to host the Metaverse Music Festival 2022, with the theme being evolution. Every day will bring a new concept, earth, space, water, and on the final day, metaverse. The festival will take place between November 10-13.

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